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  1. Great contest and prizes thanks to MyGolfSpy and Titleist!
  2. bevoboy75457 Im always up for a great contest!
  3. 1. I am a 1 hdcp player in Houston,TX 2. My current irons have been in the bag 11 years as my college golf gamers, Ping S57 Green Dots, Project X 6.0 plus 1/2", Golf Pride MCC +4 midsize grips. 8 iron carries 160 for me these days. 3. I heard about Sub 70 at the end of last year/beginning of this year. They get lots of positive reviews from my YouTubers I follow, and I have heard their customer service is top-notch. I've visited their website on several occasions and love the looks and lines of the stuff they are putting out. The prices for the quality of their equipment looks like they're hard to beat as a direct to consumer company. I would love the opportunity to give these a go and help these guys be elite in the direct to consumer market.
  4. Interesting article.....Ping R&D is always at the front of the business! I picked up about 3 mph switching to a newer Ping driver after my fitting....no joke!
  5. I'm looking into replacing my hybrid shaft and I'm looking at going slighty shorter for tighter dispersion and better gapping between clubs. If I want to play my 3 hybrid at a 4 hybrid length, should I take the new shaft and tip / butt trim like it's going into a 4 hybrid, or should I simply butt trim the current shaft? What will be the effects of each assuming the shafts are the same shaft?
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