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  1. This might seem like a strange question. I am reading the new Titleist TSR is giving people 2+ mph more ball speed. I mentioned this to a friend today, and he wondered if it could have to do with metal fatigue. If a current TSi was brand new, would the TSR still be faster? Curious what others think. Thanks!!
  2. I purchased a combo set of PXGs. T MODEL 8-gap and P for 4-7. Love them and the forgiveness helps on 4-7 (especially 4-6) and I get the cleaner look and precision of the Ts in shorter clubs. Only change I would make would be to break the set at the 7 not the 6. I was a little against the idea and thought why not have the extra forgiveness in all my clubs, but I do find having the more precise distance control in the shorter irons is helpful
  3. Stephen Boonton, NJ Walk all my rounds Use pushcart half the time Clic Gear 2.0
  4. Stephen. Boonton, NJ iPhone Xr Indoors Yes net. I have plenty of space.
  5. Stephen Boonton, NJ PXG Proto X 9 degree 4.2 99mph TSi3
  6. Stephen - Boonton, NJ 4.2 index Vokey SM 7 54 and 60 degree Raw wedge is a great, cool look and reduces glare!
  7. Stephen. Boonton, NJ I practice with a Putt Out on my rug and a Pelz Truth Board in my office. I used a Big Moss for 5 years and a Boomerang system sporadically. I would like to test the fast (11-13 stimpmeter) because the greens I normally play on are about a 12. Thanks!
  8. Stephen - Boonton, NJ I practice 2x per week for about 30 minutes I three putt 1.4x per round based on my Decade stats. Based on what i have read, Exputt help me by: 1) making at-home practice more fun and engaging; 2) help me with keeping the putter square at impact; and 3) help with my distance control. Thanks! Stephen
  9. Stephen- NJ Handicap index 3.6 PXG Gen 1 I am looking for an lower spin hybrid that carries 205-210 without tendency to go left. Thanks!
  10. Stephen Boonton, NJ 5.2 index Driver swing speed 99-101 mph Current drive is 9 degree EPIC subzero with stiff Rogue Max 65 shaft Prefer to test 9 degree EPIC flash subzero with Project C HZRDUS smoke black stiff Thanks!
  11. Stephen, New Jersey Callaway Epic SubZero 9 degrees set to 8 degrees. Rogue MAX 65 stiff 98 mph swing speed and 245-250 average distance. Your Twitter - @SGengaro /Facebook - Stephen Gengaro / Instagram - sdgmets iPhone Thanks!
  12. 1. Stephen, New Jersey, USA ​2. Piretti Teramo 3. yes, 34 inches, 1.5 degrees of loft and 70 degree lie angle 4. Queen B 9 Thanks!
  13. Stephen Gengaro - New Jersey Index: 4.0 Current irons: PXG 0311 5-gap wedge, PXG 0311XF 4 iron JPX 900 Tour Thanks!
  14. Boonton, NJ Piretti Teramo Alignment - I always feel like I am aimed a little right
  15. Stephen. Boonton, NJ Index 3.8 Ping G LS 9 degree set to 8 degree with tour spec 65 gram Ping stiff shaft 97-98 mph swing speed and 235 carry Phil Mikelson
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