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  1. Get one of those stiff arms and wrap clubs with towels. Also get an Apple tag and place in your bag in case clubs don't arrive.
  2. I expect they will different options like they have with the 921 irons.
  3. I agree with others commenting about ego, something i learned that must be put aside in order to get a proper fit as well. For years I played stiff shafts, all DG s300, in different brands of irons, and was a 6 HC. My problem was the dispersion. I broke down and got fitted using my irons (Mizuno MP 59) by a Mizuno rep. After hitting countless balls and shafts, the issue I had was loading the shaft. Even though I swing my 6I at 91 MPH my tempo is moderate and therefore i load the shaft later in the swing. I went from using an S300 to a NS Pro 1050GH R+ shaft. I became more consistent with my irons after the switch
  4. Mike Houston, Texas yes I walk most rounds CaddyTek 4 wheel push cart
  5. Mike, Kingwood Texas i have used nets in the past. I don’t use an LM ,but I do use the swing analyzer from 3bays primarily for swing path and swing speed.
  6. Mike Kingwood, Texas Krank Golf Formula 6.5 HCP: 15 Swing Speed: 95 mph Test Tsi3
  7. Mike, Kingwood, Texas, USA Ping Anser Isopur Tyne 3 because my other putter was a wedding gift and it's time for a fresh start
  8. Mike from Texas 12 Handicap Mizuno MP 59 Irons 7 iron 155
  9. Mike/Texas Handicap: 15 Irons: Mizuno MX-23 (3-PW) 7 iron carry: 162 yards
  10. Mike/Texas titleist 910-d2/10.5*/diamana kai’li 65 stiff handicap is 14 swing speed 98 no LM I haven’t tried any driver but I did play with their combo brazing 3wd years back
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