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  1. Kalamazoo MI I walk some of my rounds, ride when it is hot. I use a bag boy EZ-walk push cart now I would like to walk more and would if I won!
  2. Sebastian Kalamazoo, MI Current Driver in Play - Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Handicap - 8 Swing Speed - 107 Driver I Would Like to Review - TSi3
  3. Sebastian, Michigan 8 handicap JPX 900 Tours, project X LZ 6.0 shafts 7i distance is 165
  4. - Sebastian - Michigan - Odyssey White Hot Pro rossie - Is putting a strength of mine.
  5. Sebastian - Kalamazoo Michigan Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9* xstiff HZRDS black shaft 8 Handicap, SS about 106, No LM data I have hit Tour Edge on demo days and was very impressed.
  6. Sebastian, Michigan, 60+ rounds a year Instagram 8 handicap, swing speed around 108 Current set Irons: Mizuno JPX 900 tour 5-pw Wedges: Mizuno S18 52*, 56*, 60* Fairway: Callaway Rogue 13.5* Hybrid: Callaway Rogue 2H, 4H Driver: Callaway Rogue SZ Putter: Odyssey Rossie white hot pro Desired Cobra Set Irons: KING FORGED CB/MB IRONS Wedges: KING BLACK WEDGES 52*, 56*, 60* Fairway: KING F9 SPEEDBACK FAIRWAY 3-4F Hybrid: KING F9 SPEEDBACK HYBRID 2H, 4H Driver: KING F9 SPEEDBACK DRIVER
  7. Sebastian from michigan Current putter is Bettinardi Queen Bee 9 34" Bettinardi is where art blends with function for putter perfection.
  8. slow play is the death of golf. I call up courses, and ask how long the rounds are taking. If it's over 4 hours, I move on. If I can't find a course that is playing at a reasonable pace, forget it, I'll do something else. Many of my friends have quit golf, not because they don't love it, but they don't have 5 hours to play. It should not take that long at all. Waiting 10 minutes to take a shot is ridiculous. I can play 18 holes in 2.5 hours by myself with two balls per hole. My friend and I play regularly 2.5 hour rounds, and he is a bogey golfer. There is a massive issue with slow play. There needs to be rangers that force people to skip a hole. Also, golfers need to be told a few things. If a group is behind you constantly, and waiting you are playing too slow. Let groups that are fast ahead of you. Keep up the pace with the group ahead of you Play the correct tees for your handicap Pick up the ball and go to the next hole if you are looking at double par for the hole. You do not need 5 minutes to read a putt. Look, make a decision, and putt Play ready golf. Drop off the back player, and drive to your ball. He will walk up to you after he hits, while you are hitting. you are not part of a gallery. You do not need to watch your friends all hit their shots. A 10 swing pre-shot routine is excessive. play ready golf. If you can't find your ball in 5 minutes, drop and move on. Don't dig through the woods/heather/weeds to restock your bag with golf balls. Know your yardage for each club. If you are playing with an App, that requires you to put in every shot, and every ball location, you better be fast at it. Furthermore, there is a phenomena with leagues. They are painfully slow. I subbed in a league once where 9 holes took almost 3.5 hours! that is insane. I never subbed again in that league. I would rather not play golf then sit in a cart, hit my ball, and then wait. that is not golf. I once went out to play two hours after a league went off, I caught them at the 5th hole. Two hours to play five holes. that is just terrible. I do not think hacker golf is necessarily the problem. I play with some hackers that are new to the game. And they have been taught that even if you are not good, you play fast. Skull your ball 20 yards? Grab your next club and start walking. Hit it fat into the water, grab that extra ball out of your pocket and walk over and drop it. Too many golfers don't know you must play quickly. If pace of play does not get addressed, people will forget about golf. It will end up like bowling. No one will want to do it except to be silly and to goof off. It is the greatest game, where you can enjoy it at all ages.
  9. Sebastian — Michigan 36 years old 8 handicap Mizuno JPX 900 Tours Project X 6.0 LZ Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  10. Sebastian / Michigan Mizuno S18 black finish 52, 56, 60 Satin Finish B XW-1 52, 56, 60 Please!!
  11. 1. Sebastian, Mi 2. 8 HCP, 106 SS 3. 2016 M1 stiff shaft 9 degrees 4. PING G400 LST 8.5 ping tour 65 Stiff shaft
  12. 1. Sebastian, Mi 2. Bag set up Irons – Wilson V4 5-pw, DGS300 Wedges – Vokey SM5 52, 56, 60 Driver – Wilson Triton 9 degree Stiff shaft 3 metal – Titleist 915 15 degree stiff shaft Hybrids – Titleist 915 18 degree and 21 degree stiff shaft Putter – Bettinardi Queen B9, 33.25” with P2 grip 3. Your current handicap - 10 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Get back to consistent single digit handicap Play at least 9 holes a day 4 days M-F, and 18 every weekend Improve my wedge game from 100 and in for proximity to hole I have hit the cobra products before and was amazed at how great they are! The cb/mb combos are as good as anything out there! Cobra is definitely a top tier golf equipment company.
  13. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Terrel Hatton Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Webb Simpson Tier 5: Bernd Wiesberger Winning Score: -12 Low AM: +3
  14. Sebastian, MI Bettinardi Queen B9, 35" Odyssey O-Works 2 ball red please!!!!
  15. 1. Sebastian Michigan, USA ​2. 2015 Bettinardi Queen B7, 35" 3. Custom fit - no 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 or Studio Stock 8 (I love both! Have tried them and am very surprised how different the Queen B 9 feels in comparison to my Queen B 7!!)
  16. Sebastian Michigan 8 handicap Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? Yes If so, which set? V4 What is your current iron set? Wilson V4
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