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  1. Ross St.johnsville, NY Currently gaming srixon z745s s300 shaft Handicap is hovering around 7-9 on 18. Good luck to all participants!
  2. Ross, new York 25 years old Handicap 10 Current irons:combo srixon z965 pw-7, z765 6-4. kbs tour 130 x. Thanks for the opportunity, from both companies!best of luck!
  3. Been playing the Bridgestone b330-rx lately, was playing the srixon z-star xv. Both I would highly recommend, low spin off the tee, with hard distance. Around the green super soft. mid to high irons, so soft coming into greens, depending on trajectory. Try them out!!
  4. Ross-dolgeville-New York Handicap 12 Dream bag: driver: srixon565 or hb launcher stiff or extra stiff 10.5° degree Fairway:Launcher HB 15° deg 3 wood stiff with 4 hybrid 22° Irons: srixon z765s stiff or launcher cbx irons 5-pw Wedges: rtx or cbx 50° 54° 60° stiff Putter:TFI 2135 SATIN - CERO Ball: srixon z-star xv Can't wait to get out of New York in the winter to do this! Best of luck to all!
  5. Ross Upstate New York No, srixon z745s D player. Hit my irons to high as it is. Sent from my XT1585 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. Upstate New York Cleveland Huntingtons classic Distance control with long putts Sent from my XT1585 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Ross Johnson New York 10 Srixon z545 stiff shaft Carry around 250 was around 280 last year, lost almost 10mph in my swing speed. Phil Mickelson Sent from my XT1585 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Name: Ross State: New York (central/upstate) Iron set: srixon forged 745's 5-Pw stiff shaft. Curious to see if this set play like forged irons, fingers crossed!
  9. Handicap-10 Driver swing speed-110 Average carry-270 Preferred model- F7+ State: Upstate New York
  10. Ross Johnson New York Handicap:8 Just got a Garmin s20 watch, not a real tracking system per say, but would like to compare the two of them!
  11. I'm pretty much a fanboy when it comes to srixon/cleveland. Last year got the 745 irons and hit my best round to date, front-37, back-39 par-71,(front plays 35). Of course I was hitting the pure white z-star ball, best ball I've played for my game, and won't go back. Can't wait for the New York winter to end so I can hit the course, and try the 2017 balls! #teamsrixon #teamcleveland
  12. Good read, glad to see everyone happy! Super jealous, but happy for everyone. Mostly jealous hahah
  13. Had this driver, great driver not for me though! Thanks for the information though, hopefully someone from the community here wins it!
  14. Thanks for the information! If anyone wants to help this guy out, use this link! http://woobox.com/t6mftq/ikzqd6
  15. Winner: the Patriots Final score: 52 MVP: Tom Brady (goat) Penalties:13 Lots of good prizes, c'mon!
  16. Upstate NY Handicap-10 Putter- Cleveland Huntington classic Would love to use this putter, seeing as how my putter drives me nuts!!
  17. First off, I'd like to thank golfspy, for this wonderful experience, this wouldn't have been possible without them! Me, being the person I am I would like to say I was skeptical on the 59golfbox, not because of this particular company, but any monthly boxed clothing company. Anyways getting back to the 59golfbox. When I first got the box, the first thing I noticed is that it came in a well designed, and good size box, but it's not about the box, it's about the boxes inner beauty, and was it beautiful. The box I received came with three particular items, a pair of underwear, a golf polo, and a pair of golf pants. When I first pulled out the contents of the box, I pulled out the underwear, which I didn't know was underwear at first, because the company, "2undr" (which I had never heard of before), came in a sleek designed box with a small kangaroo on it. The underwear has a nice form fitting feature, much like compression shorts, but not as tight and uncomfortable riding like your typical pair. The underwear material isn't like normal compression shorts spandex either, it's more of a silky cotton, much like high thread count bed sheets. While the material is nice, the best feature on the underwear is the Joey pouch. The Joey pouch is like a pair of underwear in your underwear... if that makes sense, or maybe better described as a pocket. This pocket, that you put your, "family jewels" in is completely closed to any possible jewel on leg contact to prevent sticking and uncomfortable interaction. While the underwear was awesome, the price... not so much. The retail value for this underwear is $35.00 if bought by itself, but has great quality. The second thing I had pulled out of the box, was the, "puma" golf polo. The packaging for the polo had come in a plastic bag wrapper making it very visible to what it looked like. The polo I received was much like other puma polos I have, with the material being a stretchy silky spandex. The one I had received was your typical, "puma" polo, bright colors, loud design. While this one didn't have a design it had the bright, bold color teal, a color that anyone that golfs, could see puma making. Being very pleased with the polo, material, and color, the polo had a respectable retail value of $55.00. Lastly, the pants I received from, "59golfbox" are a pair of, "adidas" three stripes. The pants came in a plastic bag wrapper much like, "pumas" packaging. The material of the pants, is much like any other pair of golf pants, thin and almost silky. The pants I received came in an off color white, almost like a beige, a bold move for someone like myself. After all said and done, the "adidas" golf pants came in with a retail value of $70.00, and great price for high quality pants. Overall I think that idea of, "59golfbox" is a bold and creative idea that had pleased me on the contents I had received, I can't say or promise that every box monthly would be this good which still leaves me skeptical, but on the items I received the underwear, the polo, and the pants, a total retail value of $160.00, I believe that the quality of the box is very pleasing, and if they could promise this on a month to month basis, they may have just earned another customer. Again, I would like to say thank you to "59golfbox" and a big thank you to, "golfspy" for picking me and allowing me to review this.
  18. Those irons are beautiful! Always wondered how they'd play.
  19. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? I haven't made a purchase yet, but because of the evnroll putters article, I've done research and am leaning towards the product. 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? Yes, while I still read my golf digest magazine, I now find myself not giving into the gimmicks. The reviews are much more informative then the ads, and actually believable. 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Can't say they have yet, but if I get the putter, I believe based on your articles I'll be having a better roll on the ball. 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Again, can't say they have... Yet!!
  20. Since I already predominantly play all srixon and Cleveland equipment this is a no brainer!! Ross New York (upstate) Handicap- 7-9 Driver- srixon z765 driver 9-10.5° Fairways- srixon Z65 3 wood 15° Hybrid - srixon H Z65 19° Utility - srixon Z U65 (3 wood degree) Irons- srixon Z 765 6-PW Z 565 4-5 Wedges- Cleveland RTX 3.0 60° 54° 48° Putter- undetermined (currently using Huntington classic) Ball- Srixon z-star Of course I would listen to fitting suggestions though, I've never been fitted before, so this would be a dream. Especially by my two favorite golf brands!
  21. Went and shot nine holes at a course I've only gone to one other time this year. Shot pretty good, minus my drives. Only a few drives played in the fairway, I was hitting a lot of hard fades. Still shot a 40 though. Progress!!
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