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  1. John Calif. USA Tour Edge CBX,, UST Mamiya Recoil 65, 3" long, 2 up, regular 160 yds
  2. John - California PXG 0811 - Aldila Rogue Silver Swing Speed - 97; Handicap - 9 9.5*/Tensei Orange -Reg Thx
  3. 1. John Levitt, California 2. 11.4 3. PXG 0811 Aldila Rogue, Black 60s 4. 100 mph; 240 yds 5. Henrik Stenson Thank you.
  4. John Levitt, So. Cal., 11 Driver Z765 (Reg+ to Stiff) 3&5 Woods - F65's (Reg+ to Stiff) Hybrid H65 (3 or 4) (Reg+ to Still Irons - Z765 5-pw (Reg + to stiff) Wedges: RTX 3 Black Satin - 52, 56, 60 Putter: HB 4, 36" Center Shafted Thank you.
  5. John California 8.0 I currently use a range finder but it is cumbersome to keep pulling it out. I would prefer to have ready access to yardage to see if it increases pace of play (not that I am slow!)
  6. I am assuming that a MGA is the same as a men's club at your course. If I am incorrect, sorry. In my experience, part of the reason for MGA events is so that you can play with and meet other members apart from your "cronies". I was a men's club officer at a country club years ago and that is one of the things we wanted to achieve - otherwise it's not much different than a typical weekend round. I assume that you ordinarily play in groups with the guys you enjoy playing with so one weekend with guys you don't know is no big deal, IMO. You may even like the guys or have something in common -who knows. As for which tees to play, six of one, half dozen of the other. Not sure of the make up of the tournament, but there will probably be less players from the blacks, so I would lean in that direction. Just my .02
  7. Let me say two things here - great choice of photos (Love the Big Lebowski as you can tell from by profile photo) and Archer is one of my favorite shows. Way to go macvoy!!
  8. Not often enough which is why I just bought a BrushPro from Frogger. Just joined Moorpark CC where the carts (no walking allowed) have club and ball washers on them so I am aspiring to clean my clubs after every shot. Now just looking for good iron head covers! Does anyone ever wax their club heads?
  9. Great post for us newbies. However, I don't see a Miura logo in the selection list. I know it is not the most popular brand, but ...
  10. Abandoned the idea of the Brainstorm and decided to pick up a used Piretti Tour Only putter instead.
  11. I actually don't mind the blue and green colors of the original but I agree on the price. They may price themselves out of the market.
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