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  2. I have been using the swingbyte for a couple of years on and off. I really like the data and the numbers seem pretty reasonable to when I get on a FlightScope. Give it a look. It hasn't been updated in a while, but has a lot of good features and a trainer mode.
  3. 1. Justin Bertsch - Jacksonville, Florida 2. Currently a 15 Handicap 3. CBX irons, Launcher on everything start to finish! Great look! Elevado putter, and CBX wedges Thanks MyGolfSpy!
  4. Justin Bertsch, 31 years old Fleming Island, Florida I could name a dozen of my golf bugaboos, but I would say my biggest golf bugaboo is inconsistency in ball-striking ability. This inconsistency translates into much larger areas of my game such as hooks or slices from the teebox and wrong club selection when I do hit a good drive. I would love the opportunity!
  5. I purchased a putt-out and used it for a few months. I do not get out to the course as often as I like, so this is perfect for me. I try to vary up the locations I use it. Then I can work on different speeds, breaks, etc. I use this in combination with my swingbyte. I am then able to have numbers of club face, path, take-away, and tempo with the putt-out. This combination gives me all the feedback I need and I really enjoy it.
  6. I bought a Swingbyte a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the data it provided (club path, club face, loft, lie, etc). They also had great customer service! The company seems like they fell off the map and haven't updated the software or website in well over a year. I also did a search for other swing analyzers and this area has seemed to dry up. I had hope these devices would translate into a golf simulator. Anyone see any updates in the market or any new swing analyzers?
  7. Justin Bertsch, Florida Handicap of 15 The DST Compressor Set could help my ball striking by getting clean contact on the ball. The will help to reduce the amount of fat shots and work to get the correct amount of shaft lean at contact. I previously used the Tour Striker 7 iron and this would be a good comparison. I currently have an issue with thinning wedge shots, so this would also assist in getting better contact especially from tight lies.
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