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  1. Mike Nunez Age 33 Orange, CA Erratic ball striking, i tend to have a fade to my shots. Some days i can mange it and play it but on bad days it makes for a really long day. I tend to watch a lot of videos and try to self teach but i think I'm to the point where i might be doing more harm than good.
  2. Orange, Ca PING Karsten TR Anser 2 Getting putts to start out on the right line.
  3. Mike Nunez, CA 20 Cobra FLY-Z with Matrix VLCT SP ® 96 mph 220 carry Phil Mickelson
  4. Driver swing speed = 93-95 Average score around= 93-97
  5. Mike Nunez- Orange, CA Hcp:23 i tend to thin a lot of my approach shots, i have a feeling its because i don't completely transfer my weight and hit off my back foot. As a golfer who has only been playing about 18 months i think my mentality is to help the ball up in the air. I think the DST compressor will really help me focus on hitting down on the ball
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