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  1. First Name: Skip Home State/City: New York, NY Current Handicap: .9 Current Iron Set: 4-P Titleist 690 CB's, Vokey 54 & 60 Wedges I would love the opportunity to try the i200's. I haven't hit Pings since I had one of the original sets (#236) of your Beryllium Copper Eye 2's. Thanks
  2. Handicap: .9 New York, New York 110, 265 F7+ I would love the opportunity to test the F7+ for you!
  3. Skip VanB, New York, NY, .6 Driver Z765 Limited Model 10.5 Graphite Stiff 3 Wood ZF65 15 Graphite Stiff Hybrid
  4. 1. Skip Van Bourgondien - New York 2. .6 3. It's going to ingrain keeping your hands in front of the ball at impact creating the necessary leverage to compress the ball properly.
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