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  1. Thanks for providing an excellent source of intel by MGSpy... I play in excess of 125+ rounds per year, primarily at a muni course in MO. and FL... Current handicap of 17.0 Current putter is an 'Odyssey Toe Up counter balance 34" with Super Stroke Flatso 1.0 Since I've never won Anything Ever, thought I'd give this a reply, besides, I'm simply the World's Greatest Putter..lol...best...6
  2. Raymore, Mo & Sebastian, Fl 18.1 Naturally being a 'high handicapper' I often find myself with those 'exploding holes' that easily take my scores over the top... Hands forward, weight balance and slightly on the left foot etc etc... Having tried various training aids and yet unable to gain the MOTO necessary to drop my handicap, I keep searching for The One... Rather Excited about the 'opportunity' to try this out... spending my time between Mo. and Fla. as I chase my perfect round... thank you... six
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