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    Big soccer fan a manchester united & vancouver whitecaps supporter
    Love playing golf as much as i can just like anyone else. Have a dog thats my world.
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  1. 1. Chris .U. - Vancouver British Columbia Canada ​2. 2.5 - 105mph ball speed 3. 2017 M2 4. G400 SFT Good Luck everyone
  2. 1. Chris- Vancouver BC 2. 2.0 3. Fubuki xflex 76g croba f6 4. 105. 280-285 yards 5. The king Arnold Palmer
  3. Total jerk, hopefully we dont run into him this weekend 😂😂
  4. I made that biridie putt there cauee it was like 3feet and made the one on 17
  5. The reaction you gave was prefectly fine considering he had playing partners in the fairway that could see the green and should have told him to wait. Best part was there was no fore from anyone in the group. Then his half ass sorry and worrying more about his ball. You were in the right to react the way you did. We got your back on the course when we play together Mr Mann
  6. Hey everyone, my name is Chris Utting. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I am a passionate golfer. I have been playing since I was 13 years old, now I'm 29. I play every Sunday morning with two guys Ryan and Dan Mann. Mr Mann got me started on this golf blog and I look forward to interacting with everyone on here. Hope everyone has a great rest of summer making birdies. Cheers, Chris Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Christopher Vancouver British Columbia, I walk every round i play unless its a course that requires a golf cart. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Chris-Vancouver Canada 2.0 I have a tendace to get very handise with my chip shots its terrible. I think this training aid will help keep them quiet and have me in the correct position. With the mid to long irons It will give me a better impact position and striking i believe. Im a lefty so having a firend thats testing this product thats right handed is kind of hard to try. Cheers
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