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  1. Nathan from Michigan Current Bag: Taylormade RBZ 10.5* Driver Taylormade RBZ 3 Wood Taylormade RBZ 3-4 Hybrid Ping Eye 2 5-9, P, L, S Irons and Wedges Ping Anser 2 Putter Handicap: Let's just say I haven't broken 100 yet. Goals: Last year was my first year playing and really fell in love with the game. Looking to make a big leap this year. I live close to a range with trackman capabilities and being a numbers geek I'm trying to go to the range at least once a week and join a league this year. I'm hoping by increasing my reps I'll be able to break 100 early this year and shoot something that beings with an 8 by the time the snow shows up again.
  2. Nathan - Detroit 30ish I've been told my main problem is with my hands at point of contact. This seems way more effective at correcting that problem then some of the other swing trainers like the weighted or even hinged clubs. I desperately want to break 100 this year.
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