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  1. Know I am a bit late. Hope I can still enter. Lee Cole- Ann Arbor, Mi. With an index of 9.8 If I was buying and I am considering a new set for next season. Will be Cleveland, Ping G or 400, Cobra Max or Wilson since I can get a PUD for them. My bag would have Driver- 10.5, 3 wood (15/160, 3,4,5 hybrid or maybe 3,5, 6-gw. Presently use a Macdaddy 58 degree for sand and lob wedge. Found one with little bounce so it works better than Eidelon 56 and 60 for each role. Used to fit clubs but was not fitted myself. Would enjoy the process. And would take any and all learning about Clev
  2. Lee again. Use a Odyssey WHite HOt RX V-Line Fang
  3. I play about 150-170 rounds per year. At 73 my handicap is ten from the blues. Median drive about 247-250. Had trouble starying consistent at the bottom of the swing this year. Putting very streaky. From 23 putts to 43 at the extremes. The latter occurred on the best ball string round I have had in decades. Missed one GIR. Ouch. Last year I had four rounds that I shot my age and one that was better. Would love to be a tester.
  4. I would like to apply for testing the DST Compressor. Have a nine handicap. I am 73. Still move the ball OK and have won a few long drives contests locally. But that comes with problems as the body ages it is hard not to lay off or even occasionally flip it for a duck hook. This sounds like it would get me in the position so I could feel the club head again like Ernest Jones declared so important. I have a Cobra Fly Z driver and 3 wood. Adams Ideas 4 hybrids 3-6. Cobra Amp 7 iron (took the 7 Adams out of the bag because disliked its weighting and I hit it so poorly. Cobra has been a god send s
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