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  1. Great opportunity to be fitted and specked by the iconic Arizona club maker. Driver clubhead speed 88 mph handcap 16 Age 59 current set: driver- Callaway Rogue 10.5 degree - Oban Devotion 5.5 3 wood - Callaway Rogue 15 degree- Tensei CK series 5.5 5 Wood - TaylorMade R9 19 degree -Fujukura Motore 70 S flex Hybrid - Adams Idea Pro Gold 23 degree - Accra HF M4 Irons - Mizuno 850 Forged 4-PW - Project X LZ 5.5/115g wedges - Cleveland - SW RTX 3 -54 degree/ 11 bounce DG wedge shaft , LW RTX 3-60 degree/9 bounce DG wedge shaft putter - Odyssey 2 ball
  2. Bruce- New York, NY. 16. Looking for years for the magic pill to stop my lead wrist from flipping at impact. Left wrist breaks down, right hand takes over. Loft increases. Both fat shots and uncontrollable draws from club face pointing left at impact. Have used most of the better training aids including Tour Striker. Hours at the range. However have not been able to get positive feedback and ingrain I'd the leading left wrist and compression at impact. If the DST clubs will work for me I'm certain many passionate mid-handicapped golfers will have similar success.
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