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  1. Martin Siegen, California Handicap 18 Current driver Katana Voltio Ninja, swing speed about 85 Would be extremely happy to review the Ping G410 driver
  2. I would love to try the Ping I210. My current clubs are all Katana Voltio Ninja thanks Martin
  3. Martin Siegen Cabo San Lucas, Mexico I play with a Katana golf 3 & 5 wood, regular shaft, but am in the market for a fantastic 7 wood
  4. Martin Siegen Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Handicap 18 Adams Blue Regular Driver speed around 80, carry 200 Without a doubt Adam Hadwin
  5. Sign me up please. play 3 times a week Have a home in Cabo Love to golf Martin
  6. I would be thrilled to try these irons especially if they will help my game
  7. Hi, I'm a happy retired senior from Canada now living full time in Cabo, Mexico. I try to play golf 3 times a week and not get too frustrated. Life is great. adios
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