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  1. Been a huge Martin Chuck fan for over 10 years. Never had the shekels to attend his school but it would be the first on my list. I have a lifelong one to two groove to low iron shot and still don't take much (or any) of a divot. Would rather catch it higher up on the face and produce more spin on my approaches. 15 hcp.
  2. This training aid would help me with impact. I am close but not quite there in terms of getting to the sweet spot with my approach shots. I also have a long standing problem with getting a tad flippy with my pre-impact position and this club should be ideal to help me. I use the Tour Striker 8 iron (have for a long time) and it is similar in that it trains you to get your hands forward at impact, but I think this club is even more demanding for a precise impact position.
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