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  1. Hi There, HCP is a 1.5 Saskatchewan, Canada Clubhead speed is 110-114 Carry Distance is about 255-260 F7 Driver looks cool! That would be my starting point to compare to my D2 driver Thanks!
  2. about 50-60 rounds this year HCP is at 1.7 Current gamer is a Talylormade Corza putter from 08.
  3. Would love to test out one of these. I have a putter weakness! Rounds played annually; 40-50 Current Index; 1.5 Current Putter: Taylormade Rosa Corza (A little old, but its my gamer at the moment) Thanks!
  4. Garrett McMillan Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Handicap: 1 I'm a CPGA Professional in Saskatchewan and have been keeping an eye on this company for a little while. Would love to test it and see how it helps throughout the entire game, especially with long irons. Would also enjoy giving the club to some of my students!
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