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  1. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Henrick Stenson Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Jason Dufner Tier 5: Ian Poulter Winning score: -14 Low Am: -3
  2. Donald Appel in North Carolina Unknown handicap Currently don't use any shot tracking system, but would love to try this out.
  3. Donald North Carolina I currently use the course yardage markers and estimate or walk off the difference to my ball. I tried using gps apps on my phone, but just can't see them with the sun glare. It would be nice to know actual yardages.
  4. Donald from North Carolina I don't have a registered handicap, but it would probably be around 30. Cleveland Elevado putter Cleveland RTX 3 CB wedges, 50, 56, 60 degree Srixon Z565 irons 4-PW, Regular flex Srixon Z H65 Hybrid, 19 degree regular flex Srixon Z F65 3W, 15 degree reg. flex Srixon Z565 Driver, 10.5 degree, reg. flex
  5. Donald North Carolina I don't have a recorded handicap, but it would be high if I did. I don't have gps or range finder. I use the yardage markers. Tried phone gps but can't see the screen outside.
  6. Donald from North Carolina. I currently walk more than ride, and.prefer to walk when possible. My current bag is a Callaway 14 cart bag mounted in my pull cart when I walk.
  7. Donald from North Carolina. I typically walk about 12 rounds per year. I prefer to walk since walking a round with a pushcart is usually less walking than driving a cart on days when it is cart path only.
  8. Don North Carolina I don't have an official handicap. If I did it would be high, and who better to test these clubs. If they can help me improve, they do what they claim.
  9. I'm Donald from NC I don't have a handicap, but my score is usually about 110 for 18 holes. My contact is inconsistant - sometimes hit it fat, sometimes top it, and sometimes hit it good. This can help me by teaching me to get my hands in the proper position at impact for a more consistant impact. If it can help me improve, it can help anybody.
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