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  1. Hello GolfSpy Community! My name is Greg and I'm an avid golfer. I play every week when the weather is nice and hit the range every day. My handicap is 11 and currently I'm fighting a pull draw. Something to do with an over the top swing I'm told. Lol! I don't use a range finder now but some of my buddies have and I'm interested in seeing if a laser range finder will help me zero in on the actual yardage. Since I travel quite a bit, I play unfamiliar courses. I use the Golfshot app on my phone to get distance now but sometimes the GPS or course mapping isn't precise. I've been playing golf for about 20 years and enjoy the challenge of the game. I typically walk the course. Besides getting a little exercise, I find walking helps me focus and play better. About two years ago I picked up a set of Titleist AP1 (gap wedge through #5) irons. I tried the forged AP2s but decided I need the forgiveness of the AP1s. I have a Taylormade R11 driver, Diablo 3 wood, Cleveland 56 and 62 degree wedges and recently purchased #3 and #4 Taylormade Rescue Hybrids. I still use a standup putter but my colleagues are giving me a funny look now that we're not suppose to use them anymore. I'm shopping for a new putter, however since I'm a lefty, it's difficult to try them out due to limited selection. 😒 Here are my first impressions of Precision Pro Rangefinder: - I put the lanyard on and it promptly came off the range finder because the two halves aren't quite tight. The lanyard string slipped between the gap. See pic. - I'm your typical man (so my wife says) and I never read instructions. However, since I'm an "official tester" I figured I would read them this time. They indicate there are two modes. 1) Advance Targeting (pick out a spefici target) and 2) Distance Scanning Mode (provides continuous reading of range as you scan multiple targets). I followed the instructions exactly but couldn't get it into scanning mode. Hmmmmm..... so I called customer support. Turns out they disabled scanning mode because it was too confusing and they got a lot of complaints. It would have been nice to update the instructions... - The range finder uses a strange size Lithium battery that I'll have to search around for. Would have been nice to use a couple AAAs so when they die right before my round I can replace them easily. Ok, let's shake of the negative vibes and see how the Precision Pro performs. - Really good optics. Reminded my of a Leupold range finder my buddy has for bow hunting. Very clear and in focus all the way to the edges. Does well in low light too. - Fits well in my hand. Buttons are easy to use and well placed. - Very consistent readings. I have a flag off my deck that has those little mirrors to help lasers see it. 184.5 yards every time. Not sure if it's accurate yet. I'll be putting the range finder to the test on a couple different courses in the coming weeks. Hit me up if you have a particularly challenging test you'd like me to do. - Greg
  2. Greg Wenthe, Minneapolis, 12 Irons. Srixion Z 565 5-PW Wedges. Cleveland RTX-3 CB TOUR SATIN 52, 56, 60 Fairway Z F65 FAIRWAY 3 wood Hybrid. Z H65 HYBRID 19 degree (#3), 22 degree (#4) Driver: Z 565 Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135 ELEVADO CB with WinProx grip
  3. I'm golfing 2-3 times per week on different courses in various states. I'll put the range finder to the test. Greg TN, CA, MN 10 handicap.
  4. Thanks guys! I bought some used DP Pro R300 shafts off eBay today. Jas - I also have a set of AP1s in keeping with my high HC and need for game improvement equipment ;-) I got the 731s from the goodwill for $100 2-Pw, 56 and 60 wedges...and a bag. Lol Thought I'd give them a try since my budget is more in line with goodwill than custom fit. Anybody want some cheap S400 shafts? 😊
  5. Hi all, I picked up a mint set of Titleist 731 Phil Mickelson limited edition lefty irons 2-PW with S400 shafts. I'm a 12 HC with a swing speed best for regular shafts (75 mph with 7 iron) I don't like the feel of the S400 shafts. The seem heavy and stiff as a board. I hit the PW to 8 ok but start loosing distance from 7-4. The 3 and 2 irons are very challenging to hit off the turf. Very low launch and short. I'm thinking about switching to either the R300 AMT or R300 DG Pro shafts. My goal is to get a flex that fits my swing speed better and increase distance ball launch angle on the longer irons. Anyone have experience with those shafts? Thanks! 😊
  6. Greg W HC 12 MidWest....mostly (travel between TN, MN and Palo Alto CA) Been playing with Titleist AP1s with R300 shafts (3-GW). Taylormade R11 driver. Various 3 woods and hybrids depending on the day... I just picked up a set of mint Phil Mickelson Titleist 731 Irons 2-PW. Yes I'm a lefty but we need clubs too! They feel great but I don't like the Dynamic Gold S400 shafts. My swing speed and tempo is best for regular flex shaft. Need any testers for Dynamic Gold DG Pro or AMT R300 shafts? Anyone interested in used S400 shafts? Lol I'm comfortable with a 3 iron but I'm determined to hit this 2....off a tee is ok but off the turf the worms duck for cover
  7. Hello Golf Spy members! 😊
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