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  1. Michael Nova Scotia, Canada 8 Srixon z965/765 combo with Nippon super peening orange x i210
  2. Michael Pannozzo age 35 Nova Scotia, Canada I use to play a lot when I was growing up and was a near scratch golfer. University, then work and now kids have really hurt my game. Keeping my driver in play is my biggest fault. I've got delusions when I stand up on the tee that things are going to be good but usually they aren't. I've tried the easy way by trying to "buy" my game with new equipment but I know I really need to take lessons. This would be an amazing and forced opportunity!
  3. 1. Michael, Nova Scotia 2. 8 3. Srixon combo 765/965 4. Jpx 900 tour! Would love to put these up to a great test against my current clubs!
  4. 1. First name and home state or province: Michael, Nova Scotia 2. Current handicap: 8 3. Current driver and shaft combo: Callaway 816 Alpha DBD with graphite design ad tp 6X 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance: ss 108 carry 280 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer: Patric reed
  5. Trying to buy my game this year!! I know, lessons are a better investment but buying stuff is way more fun! Only my driver and putter will stay the same ... so far. Upgraded to srixon 765/965 irons from 710 ap2s, new Cleveland wedges, new cobra baffler f6 and a rangefinder. I've got a Callaway dbd 816 driver which I might switch out for the new ping driver in aug/sept if I like it. I've got a Scotty golo that should be sticking around for a while still.
  6. First Name: Michael Home State/Province/Country: ns, Canada Current Handicap: 9 Current Iron Set: srixon combo 765/965
  7. Michael Pannozzo, Nova Scotia, Canada 10 Finally getting back into playing more now that my little ones are starting to get older. I've got some bad habits that need to be broken and from what I've read, these seem to be the perfect training aid! Learning to lead with my hands and controlling the clubhead through impact makes a lot of sense. With all the great golf courses cropping up in Nova Scoti, it would be nice to play them well... Although I'd probably get to see more of them with my current swing!
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