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  1. I did a driver fitting like 2 years ago because I just wasn't happy with the current stick I was playing. Finally found a place near me that did range fitings, although it was off a mat, so I could see the flight rather than rely on simulation. I was gonna order the driver but had some issues come up which didn't allow me to spend my money on that anymore. I wasn't totally on board with all the suggestions for the fitter, my swing was all over the place during that time. 6 months later my wife got me a couple lessons for Father's day, best money ever spent on my game. Playing some great golf now, Indian not arrow. Would have been in the same spot soon with that new driver without the lessons. I do see the benefit of getting fitted and I really hope that the next big purchase I can go through a fitting. At least now I feel confident in my swing and it is more repeatable to give me more reliable numbers to go off of


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  2. I did 2 sets of junior lessons growing up, which definitely helped promote good swing habits. That and a lot of practice around the house. Fast forward 25 - 30 years and I had some lessons again with one of my local pros. I saw some inconsistencies in my game and overall just wasn't happy where I was. It was probably the best thing I have done for my game. Small changes at first but those have paid off huge. Started my lessons at a 18 - 19 handicap, now down to a 12.6. 1 year after my first session, and still trending down. Will go back if I have other issues or when I hit another plateau. Best time and money I ever spent. Enjoying the game much more now.


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  3. I too got back to walking more this season,it was a goal of mine to get some more steps in this year and it just seemed logical.  My dad and I got season passes to a par 3 course so i have been walking that course every time I play there.  It has reminded me how peaceful and calming it is to not ride again.  When I played in high school I never rode and shot some of the best golf in my life.  I can see already from playing there that walking is helping me to lower my scores.  My hope is that this will translate over to when I play with my buddies on the weekends, we always ride for those rounds.

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