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  1. I too got back to walking more this season,it was a goal of mine to get some more steps in this year and it just seemed logical. My dad and I got season passes to a par 3 course so i have been walking that course every time I play there. It has reminded me how peaceful and calming it is to not ride again. When I played in high school I never rode and shot some of the best golf in my life. I can see already from playing there that walking is helping me to lower my scores. My hope is that this will translate over to when I play with my buddies on the weekends, we always ride for those rounds.
  2. Jeff KY 15.2 Snake Eyes TC-01 strength - Yardages are very reliable especially 150 and in weakness - dispersion, tendency to be pin high but off line of target on fringe or just in rough
  3. Justin Thomas Tournament -11 Sunday -2 Thanks Judge
  4. I am not either one all of the time, for me it really depends on the conditions of the course. If possible I also like to think it it just like a 2nd shot in from the fairway. However if I do use one it is very low into the ground, almost like it isn't even there. Just enough to hold the ball. Sent from my SM-T700 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. 108 - 112 swing speed currently a 15.2, but it is going down this year! would love to try some new balls
  6. Such an awesome opportunity, congrats in advance to whoever is selected. Jeff Cincinnati Oh Strengths - greenside feel shots Weakness - half and 3/4 shots I would need 50/ 54/ 58 all SS RH with the KBS tour stiff 5L grip, blue dot
  7. Jeff Eilers Kentucky 15.6 No current shot tracking system Sent from my SM-T700 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Jeff Eilers KY Currently I use an older laser finder, Nikon Laser 500 G. I would be interested to see what if any difference there is between a newer model and the one I currently use. I would like to see how the distances match up or don't
  9. KY 15.2 Odyssey Toe Up #1 Sent from my SM-T700 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. I play 30 - 40 times a year 15 handicap currently play an Odyssey Toe Up #1
  11. Golf pride tour wrap midsize Sent from my SM-T700 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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