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  1. Handicap and Location: 13.6 Handicap Index, Dallas, Texas Social Media Accounts: IG: scanepa1 Twitter: canepas Expected rounds in an 8-week span: 12-16 (depending on weather and wife) Current OEMs in your bag. Drive TaylorMade SIM 9*, 3-wood TaylorMade SIM Max 15*, Hybrid Taylormade M1 2-17*, Irons Mizuno MP-20 HMB 4-PW, Wedges Mizuno MP-T5 50*, 54* and 58*, Putter TaylorMade Spider Tour platinum. Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge: Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme Driver, Matte Black/White, 9*, Tensei AV Blue Stiff Cobra SpeedZone 3F Fairway, Matte Black/White, Stiff Cobra SpeedZone 2 Hybrid, Stiff Cobra King Forged Tec 4-PW Irons, Steel Stiff Modus 3 105 Cobra KING Black Wedges, 50 & 54 Versatile, 58 Wide Low
  2. Has anybody tested these products? They look really good but they are pricey, especially the putters. Very interested to see if anybody has experience them.
  3. Dallas, TX Mizuno Tour Cart Bag Storage for all necessary accessories, beverage cooler, mine currently has one but doesn't really work and able to fit in my push cart. Currently rocking a Stewart Golf cart.
  4. For those interested in a mat I bought it from here: https://rawhidegolfball.com/product/golf-mat/ Pricey but driving range quality and you can shoe the grade. I also purchased the Rukket net which is unbelievable good quality and came with a tri turf mat as well (it is sold out now): https://rukket.com/collections/hitting-nets/products/rukket-haack-golf-net-10x7-bundle-with-tri-turf-hitting-mat
  5. I also use the Mevo and find it to be very accurate. I am curious to see the New Mevo+ reviews, it is $2k and it’ll have spin axis and full simulation...
  6. I am in north Dallas and have been playing for a couple of weeks, played twice last weekend. Love hitting these beauties but somehow I miss my MP-25s, I don’t know exactly what it is, might be the shaft, but they just feel better...
  7. Thanks for the opportunity, this will be fun, I struggle with swing speed Dallas, TX - 44 90 Average+ In for the long haul
  8. Nice choice. I have C-Taper Lite S 110 On my MP-25s and like them a lot. I chose the modus because the game me a higher flight and longer carry.
  9. Not closed, just being cautious. And they are busier than usual...
  10. Modus Tous 105 S i am hitting them on the garage but eager to se the ball flight in real life
  11. Anybody tried this? It’s the “magic move” from PGA pro Zach Allen too good to be true? I am considering giving it a shot but wanted to see if anybody here has tried it. it is less than 60 bucks and it could be a bargain if it really delivers on its promise. Thanks
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