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  1. 1. David - Tennessee 2. 8 and 110mph 3. SLDR 12 w/ KuroKage 60 Blue 4. G410 SFT - I need that Straight Flight Tech (Struggle with the slice miss)
  2. Correct, the "Outsiders" are the first ones they've made that have a higher heel. I stepped in a mud hole in my Elements, my feet didn't even get wet. I love these shoes.
  3. Just to put my 2 cents in. Since switching all my shoes to a zero-drop, I've not had any foot pains where before I'd get stone bruises on the balls of my feet. I own 4 pairs of True's, going to purchase the new Originals this fall. Wouldn't golf in anything else (partially I don't know of any other zero-drop golf shoes). I wear Altra's everyday, golf in True's and cycle in Bont Cycling shoes. Took me a year to research all these manufactures that have the wide last and big toe box. The Altra's have spread my forefoot out (a good thing) and I couldn't imaging squeezing into a pair of my old Adidas golf shoes.
  4. David Tennessee 8.5 Cleveland CG-16 w/ Actionlite 55 Graphite S i210 (Been on my try list since the announcement)
  5. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Brandt Snedeker Tier 4: Matthew Fitzpatrick Tier 5: Cam Smith Winning score: -5
  6. I don't know how many times I've struggled with a *new* driver and end up going back to my old Cleveland Hi-Bore XL. It's trustworthy. I've been so curious about the new Cleveland drivers and if can it replace the trustworthy relic that always finds a spot back in my bag. Here's to my luck! David, Tennessee Cleveland Hi-Bore XL (Stock Fit-On Red, Stiff) 112 - Avg. 270 Carry Currently 9 (Golf league, Not USGA)
  7. 1. David - Tennessee ​2. 8 - 110 3. SLDR or Cleveland Hi-Bore (I'm way due for an upgrade) 4. The PING G400 9.0 Stiff is what the nFlight page told me I needed. Model G400 Loft 9.0° Hosel Position⚪ Shaft PING Tour 65 Flex Stiff
  8. 1. David - Brentwood, TN 2. 10ish (not official) 3. Launcher HB (Replace my Hi-Bore XL which I've recently started to game again) 3i, 4i Hybrid HB, CBX 5-P, RTX Satin Wedges, RHO Putter I'd love to replace my aging Cleveland bag!
  9. David, Tennessee Current: Cleveland Hi-Bore XL 10.5 w/ Stock Fit-on Red Stiff Shaft Also: SLDR 12 w/ Kuro Kage Blue 60s (It's in time-out at the moment) 110mph, 270ish carry @scramble24 (twitter/facebook) Android
  10. David Tennessee 110mph Too Low w/Driver, I want a high draw SLDR 460 12deg / Kuro Kage Blue - 60 (stiff) Fit at Champions Golf (Austin TX) for that shaft, still too low. Been fit before and was put in a GD Tour AD DI-7x (couldn't afford that shaft)
  11. David Tennessee 12 Cleveland CG16 One length, I'm curious as hell about these! I understand the premise behind this concept, and I feel I have a swing plane that would suit this type of club. Been meaning to swing some of these single length irons since I heard about them!!
  12. David Tennessee 12 Cleveland CG-16 Black Pearl (I hate them) Ever since I hit the i20's many years ago, I've dreamed of having a set of Pings!
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