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  1. Jake, Fairfield County CT HDCP: 14.5 Ping G25 jmk6@optonline.net
  2. Jake, Fairfield County CT I have used Garmin handheld Golf Logix App on iPhone currently plus Cart Dashboard, and on-course markers (LOL)
  3. Jake/Fairfield CT 460 cc preferred 80 mph SS
  4. Jake, Southport, CT Currently use Garmen G7 GPS
  5. Jake, Southport CT 14.5 HDCP, 78 mph SS Adams 22 deg hybrid Would like to test similar loft (#4)
  6. Jake, Southport CT Swing Speed 75, HDCP 14 Driver: Cobra Amp Cell w/new Mitsubishi 'SR' flex shaft Callaway XR 4 -wood 17* Callaway Hawk Eye 7-wood 21* Cleveland 21* Hybrid (optional) Right-Handed C C
  7. Jake Fairfield, CT TaylorMade Ghost Putting is strongest part of my game
  8. Jake, CT Black Widow putter grip SNSR 104
  9. Jake, Fairfield CT 13 HDCP, 80 mph ss Cobra Amp Cell w/ Mitsubishi custom senior shaft Epic Flash
  10. Jake, CT 14 hdcp, 80 ss Cobra Amp Cell G410 plus
  11. Jake, Fairfield CT Cleveland 54* Ben Hogan 58* Would like to test same set-up with Bridgestones
  12. Jake, Fairfield County CT Callaway HawkEye 3w 15 deg,,,Light Flex Callaway XR 4-w...17 deg,,,Accra,,,senior Callaway HawkEye 7w 21 deg,,,Light flex
  13. Jake Fairfield CT Ping G25, Nippon Zylos 7 shafts; soft regular; 2* flat Avg 7-iron: 135-140 yds.
  14. Jake,,,,Fairfield CT Cobra Amp Cell/stock Fuji R-flex shaft SS 80 mph,,,13.5 HDCP Prefer 10.5-12 degrees,,,with Tensei Blue in 'A' flex Thank you for the oppty.
  15. Jake, Fairfield County CT Ping Eye2 with KBS Tour 90 (R-flex) Current HDCP: 13 Prefer to test CBX in senior flex
  16. J. Krayson Fairfield County, CT Hogan Special 58 Cleveland 54 Ping G25 50 Strengths--Chipping, Pitch Shots, Weaknesses--erratic sand play green side HDCP: 13.5
  17. Jake,,,,CT Ping Eye2 with KBS Tour 90 (R-flex) 13.5 HDCP Prefer c300 cast w/graphite shaft (soft R)
  18. Jake from CT Cobra Amp Cell w/stock Fuji shaft--R flex carry 210 yds Swing Speed 80 Current HDCP: 13.5
  19. Jake, Fairfield CT 13 HDCP 80 mph swing speed Currently using Cobra Amp Cell Ping G400 -- 12 deg. -- w/senior shaft
  20. Jake, Fairfield County CT, currently 14 HDCP Launcher Driver 10.5, FW, CBX irons, plus wedges, all light-weight graphite (light regular flex) Good Luck to all entrants
  21. Jake (68) Fairfield, CT My biggest loss of strokes occurs because I sometimes have a tendency to land iron shots just short of the green. Maybe poor judgement on club selection or inconsistent ball striking.
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