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  1. I have the Sun Mountain C-130 my first bag with 14 full length dividers. I do not think I would ever go back to anything that didn't have 14.
  2. Richard, MN Odyssey White Hot Not Custom Fit Studio Stock 8 I have been gaming my Odyssey for over ten years now. Tried other putters, but I keep coming back to the white hot. I would love the chance to try the Studio Stock 8.
  3. Richard from Minnesota. 8 Ping S56 JPX 900 Tour Thanks for the opportunity those are some beautiful sticks! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Age: 33 Speed: Not sure on ball speed swing speed is 110 last I checked Current Ball: I currently jump between B330 and E6
  5. I am really excited to try out Bridgestone's new iphone app. I was curious if anyone here has gotten the chance to try it out and how accurate it is.
  6. That's really too bad. I have used a ton of different stat keeping programs, and almost all of them were at least semi easy to input your score after a hole. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds to input the hole results. A lot less time wasted doing that then the guy who takes a ridiculous number practice swings and thanks to that Will Smith movie needs to "see the field"...
  7. Richard, Minnesotahome state/province/part of the world 7 I have never used a shot tracking system. I am a stats junkie though and currently use theGrint to keep track of all of my stats for every round I play. I really look forward to the idea of using a full fledged shot tracking program; up to this point all of the systems felt like they fell short of what I wanted in one way or another.
  8. Another for the Grint. I am the club chairmen for my local club through the Grint. We've started having tourneys and the whole nine yards. It's pretty cool, and the Grint has thrown swag our way to giveaway at the tourneys too! I also have the premium version and like mentioned above its been pretty eye opening. The par 5 17th hole at my local course is a relatively easy par 5 but I average nearly a 6 on that hole, and its because there is a lot of sneaky trouble around the green. I have stopped trying to reach in two and seen my scoring there dramatically rise.
  9. I absolutely love the C-130 I can't praise the bag enough. If you have any questions on the bag let me know.
  10. My stage 2 review of the C130 is up. Consider this a work in progress. Like JLukes I intend to update this as things pop up. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. I normally don't have issues with technology, but apparently my photos like to rotate at random when I attach them to posts.
  11. nope thats what the whiskey is for! If you miss you hit the green you have to take a shot, if you miss the green you have to take two! Honestly, I really don't even drink that much on the course. I just started getting sick of not having a can coozy, they kept disappearing from my bag.
  12. I recently got the chance to be a reviewer of the Sun Mountain C130 cart bag. While cleaning out my old bag and moving stuff to the new one. I realized I might have an issue with hoarding. So I was curious what weird stuff have you guys managed to get in your bags? This is what was all in my old bag: 15 can coozies 1 dozen unopened balls 30 shag balls 6 gamer balls 7 gloves including a pair of rain gloves 1 multi tool 1 poket knife $6 worth of change 1 bottle of whiskey 2 things of sunscreen - 1 normal sized bottle and 1 travel size tube 2 long sleeve jackets 2 small notepads 2 empty ball boxes 6 empty ball sleeves 100s of tees of varying types and sizes dozens of ball markers 3 lighters 1 can of snus 1 cigar cutter (I dont smoke cigars) 2 bottle openers 3 pens 8 golf pencils 8 sharpies 3 red 2 black 3 blue 3 divot repair tools 1 rain cover 1 Callaway hosel tool
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