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  1. William / Lockport Ny 11 Current shoe Addidas Spikeless I wear year round even as my sneakers. Comfort along with stability. When I turn into the ball I want to make sure my balance is stable and goes from center to back to explode on the turn to the front. These shoes sound like a dream click my heels together twice and watch the magic.
  2. William Carroll, Lockport Ny How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? I live outside of Buffalo Ny only way to practice is going to the indoor golf Dome. I can never find a mat that is close to being real like. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. I would enjoy Medium 10- Stimpmeter.
  3. William, Ny, 44, Handicap 3 my bag is made up of Callaway Rogue Driver 9 degrees stiff shaft Project X EvenFlow, Irons are Nike Vapor with true temper 85gram stiff 5-gw, voley 60 dgeree lob wedge and for woods callaway epic 13.5 3wood with a speeder evolution 2 shaft stiff and 5 wood is callaway epic 18 with speeder 565 stiff shaft grips are all Pure grips and putter is Mizuno T.P.M #5 Blade
  4. I love ping irons. I got my first set when I was 16 however they were ping clones the good old tour model's. LOL I was sold on they look like them they should play like them and in that case the answer was no. I did finally buy my first set of real pings in when I turned 18 and those ping eye 2's felt like butter. So learned early on knockoffs and the real things are 2 totally different experiences. I would love the opportunity to report on these irons. I preference is stiff shaft 85 gram or Aerotech cw'110 and for a ping dot either orange or red as I hold the club low so I always have the toe bent down for better turf action. Thank you for the opportunity if selected.
  5. First name/home state or province William / New York Current driver/shaft combo 2017 Epic Sub Zero / Fujikara 62 Extra Stiff Swing speed/handicap 98mph / 3 handicap Preferred ST 180 loft/shaf 12.5 Loft / Stiff Shaft Stock is fine Give me a chance you won't be disappointed.
  6. 1. WILLIAM ,NY, USA. ​2. handicap 3.4 and driver swing speed 97MPH 3. Your current driver CALLAWAY EPIC SUBZERO 9.0 EXTRA STIFF FUJIKARA 62 PRO 4. The PING G400 model you'd like to review THIS IS WHAT THEY CAME UP WITH FOR ME G400 LST, PING TOUR STIFF, 8.5 LOFTModel Aqua
  7. Everybody is going to tell you why you should pick them to be a tester. I will tell you the reason to select me. I have a very unique skill set as a golfer. I AM HONEST! There is no time for BS in my game. I live outside Buffalo Ny and carry a 2-3 handicap at worst. I play at least 5-6 times per week weather permitting and practice putting and chipping on my lunch brakes. I am a insurance broker so I play a lot of golf tournaments to create business. I am always asked what kind of ball am I playing and my rule is conditions will dictate to me whether I use a 2 piece ball or a 3 piece or the Maxfil U6 layer ball. So if you are looking for Honest, dedicated, and a unique skill set to try your golf balls give me a opportunity. Whats the worst that can happen the True Review of your product.
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