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  1. Having just gone through a fitting myself (not extensive but I thought I needed it) I'd advise you NOT to get a fitting. Everything the fitter told me I could surmise for myself. I had been putting with different putters for hours and knew that I needed a change and could see/hear which putters were better for me. The SAM putting lab machine didn’t tell me anything that I wasn’t already figuring out. Reason #1 - It doesn't sound like you need it. If you're beginning to question your putting, it should only be questioned at 10ft and in. If pros are averaging 40% drops at 10ft and they get to practice 40+ hours/week.. we need to be a bit less harsh with our expectations of performance from that same distance. If you’re seeing your putts come up short a lot, perhaps some led tape on the back of your putter will help with better distance control. I once heard that the slower the greens are, the more head weight you’d want on your putter. Perhaps head weight is all that’s missing to get those 10ft putts dropping more often. Reason #2 – Unless you’re going to spend $150-200 on an 1hr putter fitting/lesson at a location where they have every putter type (and head-weight) you could want, there isn’t anything you can’t figure out for yourself. (Keep in mind, that's $$$ on top of what may be an expensive putter order - or not.) I mean, it's not like Nicklaus, Sneed, Hogan, Seve, Player etc had their putting strokes analyzed by the SAM putt lab and look what they accomplished. If you’re going to change putters on your own: · Decide on a length that allows your arms to hang without tension and eyes to be properly aligned (just inside the ball) · Pick a head shape that’s pleasing to look at (if there are multiple shapes you like put more weight on the putters that have higher MOI – higher MOI = less pressure for accuracy) · Find a weight you like and feels good in your hands (you might want to bring some of your own small magnets to add weight if needed) · Start putting at different distances (eg 4ft, 8ft, 12ft) and see where the putter misses – don’t go much further than that b/c you won’t be learning much o Missing left – potentially not enough toe-hang (assuming starting on the correct line with correct pace) o Missing right – potentially too much toe-hang (assuming starting on the correct line with correct pace) o If missing short/long – potentially means too light/heavy ((((Keep in mind that one of these putters is going to be consistently doing the same things and that’s the one you may want to pay the most attention to. Ie the putter is slightly long and right… okay well than perhaps that putter is perfect and your starting line is off))) · Now you will have to hear the ball when you hit it… does it sound like it’s skidding or skipping? Could be too much loft for your delivery (you can cross reference what it should sound like with a SIK putter) Less skidding = rolling sooner = potentially more accurate. This will let you know that whatever putter you’ve picked up needs to be delofted when you order it. OR perhaps your playing the ball in the wrong spot… maybe. = = Advise = = 1. Don’t fit your swing to a putter just because you like the putter… leave your stroke alone if it works well enough for you. The putter should fit to you, not you to it. 2. Do your research before you go. I looked at MGS for months before I made a decision and even then I did more research on my own. Have a clear picture of what you like before you go. It'll save you time from distractions. 3. Sometimes, what is best for your game isn’t what inspires the most confidence… go with confidence, it’ll hold up longer under pressure. 4. Check your stats – at a 13-15 handicap is putting really the thing that needs to change or does your approach game need to change? Should you work on getting closer to the hole on average before changing something that doesn’t sound like it’s causing you any REAL issue like the putter? Perhaps a better purchase would be wedges with new grooves to get you closer to the hole. Just some thoughts. Best of luck to you.
  2. Adam - CA (yadadamean?) 5.4 59° - Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge (wOOt wOOt!!) 55° - Callaway Forged ('14 or'15 I think) 51° - Callaway Forged ('14 or '15 I think) (Thanks Gap Testing) Favorite type of wedge shot: (Depending on the distance and slope) 59° bump and run off the fringe. Ball just inside trail foot, toe down and slightly closed with a putting stroke.. bump 25% and watch it roll out the rest of the 75%. I've practiced that shot A LOT.
  3. Adam / CA Callaway Forged (version 1.0) 51° 55° 59° I'd like to test the Black Oxide version in lofts of 51° 55° 59° (no point in ruining the wedge gapping) Thanks MGS
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