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  1. You have a 5 wood and a HL 3 wood? Only 1.5 degree difference, do you really need that tight of a gap in distances with the long shots? Only clubs in there I see as a little funky. If it works for you, obviously keep on keepin' on, but if you're looking to make a change, maybe throw a 15 degree fairway in there. Might reach a few more par 5's in two! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I would go so far to say that at least two would need to be deep off the tee. Too much pressure on one guy. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I'm lucky enough to live just down the road from the Nike World Headquarters. Have a bunch of friends that work there, so I have access to the employee store where everything is 50% off. I'm spoiled. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. It's all a mental thing at that point when dealing with full swings. The only real way to work through it is play more on courses with tight fairways. An easy bandaid is to put the ball back in the stance a smidge and try to feel like you're hitting knock down shots. When it comes to chipping off tight lies, I tend to use lower lofted clubs like a 9 or 8 iron to avoid the leading edge from digging in. One of my favorite plays if there is enough green or fairway to work with is a bump and run with a hybrid or fairway wood. Just use it like a putter with a much hotter face. Sent from my
  5. I love them, feels like you're just wearing a t-shirt. Very comfortable. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I think I'm bi-polar. I shot an 84 on Sunday, and a 74 on Wednesday.

  7. I'm glad I wasn't paying attention much to his score because I think I would have caught a case of the nerves on 17. Tricky little par 3 over water with some swirling late afternoon winds will elevate the heart rate of even the most seasoned veteran.
  8. I was able to get out of the office early yesterday for a late afternoon round with one of my best friends. We played golf in high school together, and he was always the number 1 guy, and I was number 2, but he was much better than I was. He went on to play D1 college golf for a couple of years, I stopped playing all together while I was in school. That being said, I have never been able to beat him, at least straight up. I've come within three or four strokes a few times, but never really a serious threat. Things have been clicking pretty well with my swing, putter has been a little
  9. Scrambles are fake golf. Wait until you get the shanks before quitting. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. I'll call it an Executive Summary then [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Which means he's missing greens but chipping it close more often than not. Not so much a measure of good putting as it is a measure of good hands around the green. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Just picked up an M2 3 Wood with the a Tour AD DI-6 shaft today, excited to push block it into the water on 15 this weekend trying to reach the par 5 in two!
  13. Completely speaking anecdotaly, my best scores come in the rounds I hit the most greens. I can 1-2 putt 16-17 times a round on average, so if I'm on the green in regulation, I'm looking at some decent scores. If I'm off in the trees off the tee, hitting 7-4 irons into greens, or missing wide left or right with short irons/wedges I don't care how well I"m putting, I'm not putting up a good number. Good putting could keep me away from a really nasty number, but definitely not something I'll be happy with at the end of the day.
  14. I think GIR is an overlooked stats in golf. The low digit guys are hitting at least 7-10 greens-in-reg every round, which means strokes gained off the tee become really important. If I can hit the ball long and straight off the tee, I'm probably going to hit the green. Being a great putter will help, but if you are sinking 5-10 footers for bogey/double bogey, your scores really aren't going to improve all that much.
  15. I would also add which ever putter gets the ball rolling quickly off the face. The longer that ball is skipping forward, the more likely it is to bump off line. That's why the Evnroll and Tour Spiders are so popular right now. Those faces do an incredible job of getting the ball rolling off the face, opposed to skipping forward for the first 8"-14".
  16. I've been working on this exact shot, because this a common occurrence at my club. A buddy of mine who is much better than I am gave me a tip that really resonated. He told me to set up as I normally would in order to hit a punch cut (ball back in stance, stance left of target, face aligned just right of target, swing across the body), but to only focus on keeping my hands and arms as soft as possible. I've hit some beautiful stinging cuts below tree branches, and it has done wonders for my scrambling stats!
  17. I've played about 6 rounds with these balls, and overall I'm I'd say they are performing well. Not as long off the tee or long irons than what I'm accustomed to with the TP5x, but definitely as durable, if not more. They essentially perform the same around the greens (20 yards and in) as the TP5x, but on those 50-90 yard wedge shots where I'm trying to flight a 58°, they perform a little bit better than the TP5x. The one gripe I do have about the ball is that It is almost too soft off the putter face. Makes it difficult to judge distance control when I don't feel like I'm hitting the
  18. Yoga! There are tons of great online sources for yoga, even an Instagram account for Golf specific yoga (@yogaforgolfers). Increases flexibility, core stability, and overall stamina! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Coming up on 17 in our weekly money game, we were down two with two to play. About $60 on the line, so a decent chunk of change by my standards. Seventeen is a short par 3, playing about 155 yards that day. Wind slightly in the face. A member of of the opposing team steps up, hits it to about 15 feet. His partner hit next, safely to the middle of the green, about 30 feet left. My partner gets up and goes long into the bunker behind the green. I step up, hit it to four inches. We end up winning the hole. Get up to 18, everyone hits decent drives, and all of our approach shots find the
  20. Tyler, Portland, OR Titleist 915H 21* w/ Diamana Blueboard Stiff 80g Yes, custom fit I have trouble keeping it low, which is why I will switch out for a driving iron every so often. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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