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  1. I have a carry/stand bag with a 4 way split and a separate pouch for the putter. I have the 4 wedges in the front, 7-9 on the middle-right, 5, 6 and the 3/4 hybrid in the middle-left, and driver and 2/3 hybrid in the back. It works well for me with the smaller bag size. I suppose that a cart bag would make more sense to have the 14 slots to keep the clubs separated better. Less wear and tear on the grips and shafts I imagine.
  2. As a high handicapper for 40 years, my goal has been to reach the ability to play bogey golf or better (i.e. 90 on a championship course). So I can relate to dlow206's adventure. Unfortunately, lack of time/money has made the amount of time I spend on the courses limited - not to mention 6 months of winter 8=( I do have lots of space in my yard and have set up a net for practice swings (doubles as an archery range for the kids). I'd love to set up a driving range in the back field to work on distance control, but that isn't in the cards right now. However, this past year I learned a few things about my swing that have helped straighten things for my long game and keep tee shots more likely in the fairway. I still struggle with casting the club so I need to deal with that. But the biggest help for me this year was downloading an app on my phone that lets me see yardages to the hole as well as track my shots to get a better feel for what I'm hitting each club. Next year I see more improvement coming!
  3. Most of the courses I play here in Muskoka are tree-lined and pretty similar with respect to the conditions. That's why I'd go with a lower lofted club for the lefty. I'd have to practice it a lot though. Sand is the most variable condition here - even within one course - ranging from hard packed to mud to soft, fluffy sand. Makes wedge choice tricky for a high handicapper like me 8=) Sometimes I just hit a pitching wedge out of the sand so that I don't bounce too much and hit thin. It would be fun to have the budget and time to play and practice with more types of clubs. Maybe when I'm retired I'll be able to experiment as much as I would like. Just a few years (hopefully) to get there!
  4. I was thinking along the same lines although I'd probably go with a 5i to keep it a bit lower. The other option would be a 5th wedge - same loft as the sand wedge but with a different grind for shots from out of the sand.
  5. Winning score: -11 Tier 5: Gotta be Jim Furyk
  6. This looks like an awesome opportunity, but I'm not sure I'll be able to commit to the weekly rounds... wish I could! I wish I was able to play 2 or 3 times a week, but it hasn't been in the cards. And it doesn't look like I'll get any tee times here for a good 4 weeks in Muskoka. We've still got 2 ft of snow on the ground 8=(
  7. If I was to attempt to record my swing, what aspects of it should I record? What angles and views? I think it would be valuable to have it along the plane of my shoulders for some shots to see how I'm lining up. And along the line to see how bad my outside in swing really is. But how high should the camera be for these? And what other angles can I get more data from? And how do avoid having it used as part of a blackmail scheme? 8=)
  8. Bill Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 35+ Cobra King II steel shaft I'm not sure which of these two I like better. Looks wise I lean towards the i210 and I like the feel aspect. But the i500 looks good too and promises a little more distance and stopping power. Hmmmm. I'll say the i210 for me. Thanks, and best of luck to all the participants!
  9. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Phil Mickelson Tier 3: Lee Westwood Tier 4: Charlie Hoffman Tier 5: Adam Hadwin Winning Score: -2
  10. Congratulations to the testers selected! Looking forward to seeing the results in a couple months.
  11. My name is Bill and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I've been hitting my Cobra King 2 irons for over 20 years now. I still like them, but they're getting long in the tooth and I know that tech has advanced. Unfortunately, my budget has not 8=) They are steel shaft, regular flex. I have 3-PW but I don't carry the 4 any more so I can have an extra wedge in the bag. I hit the 3 and the 4 about the same distance anyway and I like the 3 for punch shots under trees. Back when I was looking, I looked at the PING offerings but didn't like the look of them. Heard lots of great things, but the look is important to me. The G700 looks good to me although I still like a little bit of black or dark blue in the mix. I currently sport a handicap in the 35 range. I haven't calculated it recently as I've not been a member anywhere but my scores have typically been 30 to 40 over par. I used to keep track of my handicap myself, but that was years ago. My 7 iron is one of my favourite clubs and I hit it roughly 135 yards (used to be 145 a decade ago).
  12. I've lived in Muskoka for 18 years now (Huntsville is the north end) and I usually play at Huntsville Downs. Sometimes I play North Granite Ridge. Both have mixed terrain and lots of forested areas (NGR is a little tighter than a high handicapper like me is comfortable with sometimes 8=). The Downs has had some issues in the past years, but new ownership seems committed to a higher quality experience. I've played Deerhurst Lakeside a couple of times and The Mark O'Mera course (which is incredible but expensive). I hope this year to get to the Deerhurst Highlands course. It's on my bucket list for sure. Not sure where I'll get to outside of the Muskokas this year, but the Abbey has always been a dream.
  13. I don't envy you having to choose 2 out of 228 (and counting) 8=) My handicap is 30, and I live in Ontario. Our golf season won't start for 2 or 3 weeks up here 8=( I'm not sure what my swing speed is, but my average carry is about 190-200 yards. As to preference, I think the 7+ would be good for me. I prefer the smaller profile. If colour choices are available, I'd favour the blue. Thanks!
  14. If they need some hacker stats, I'm available. I don't have a handicap right now (broke the machine when I entered my scores 8=) - seriously, I haven't had the opportunity to get in enough golf in the past 5 years to calculate one, but I'd estimate it is in the high 30's at least. I typically shoot between 35 to 45 over. Bill from Ontario.
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