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  1. Maarten Clous

    Jan Peelenplantsoen 18,

    6871GV, Renkum, Netherlands

    HC 11


    I measure by using the distance markers on the fairways and a new pair of glasses.


    I think technology is a big part of playing golf and improving your game. Not only in accessories but also in clubs and balls. I recently switched from 12 year old callaways to TM psi and there is a big difference in clubs because of the newer tech in the clubs. I am slowly changing to cobra forged tours and they are even more suffisticated. Technology in accessories to measure distances should be used in practice rounds. If you play for real I think you should play with as little as "help" as possible.

    I hope living outside America isn't a problem

  2. Would love to test but come from the netherlands so that will probably be a problem.


    Name: Maarten

    City: Renkum

    country: Netherlands

    Handicap used to be 5 but because of several accidents went up to 18 and now slowly going back down. At this moment 16. So i can use every help i can get. Im playing callaway x20 with regular shafts

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