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  1. Joe/Texas 9.8 Index JPX 919 Tour 178 yards Thanks!!
  2. Joe in Texas Mizuno T5 50/7 bent to 51/8, Wishon Micro GrooveHM Sand Wedge 56/12, Wishon MicroGroove HM Lob Wedge 60/10 Short game strengths/weaknesses: Best at chipping, worst at hitting wedges too high from 3/4 to full swings Current handicap: 9.5
  3. Joe-Texas WIshin 919THI 8.5 deg w/ Aldila Tour Green TX 60g 118-125mph-270-290 yds carry, sometimes 100 of those yards to the right or left. 9.5 index Don't post much, but since I have a 2 year old and another boy on the way, I'm finding more golf behind the keyboard than on the course recently. WOUld like to see how this driver performs as I like bonded drivers more than the adjustable ones. Something about the weighting always seems off to me on newer adjustable hosel drivers.
  4. 1. No 2. It hasn't. 3. N/a 4. N/a While the site is entertaining and a good way to waste some time at work, it's not influential for me to read about anything vs trying it. Probably not a helpful survey answer.
  5. And that's why I have a mitchell machine bolted to the floor in my garage!!!!! Have to check the specs...can't trust the factory. I can adjust my swing to lie angles as well. Its tough for a fitter to do a good job. How did they fit lie angle-lie board I'm guessing? Do yourself a favor and use the marker method and watch ball flight, then get them bent to fit that. Take the time and do it with EVERY club, not just the 7 iron.
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