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  1. Joe/Texas 9.8 Index JPX 919 Tour 178 yards Thanks!!
  2. Joe in Texas Mizuno T5 50/7 bent to 51/8, Wishon Micro GrooveHM Sand Wedge 56/12, Wishon MicroGroove HM Lob Wedge 60/10 Short game strengths/weaknesses: Best at chipping, worst at hitting wedges too high from 3/4 to full swings Current handicap: 9.5
  3. Joe-Texas WIshin 919THI 8.5 deg w/ Aldila Tour Green TX 60g 118-125mph-270-290 yds carry, sometimes 100 of those yards to the right or left. 9.5 index Don't post much, but since I have a 2 year old and another boy on the way, I'm finding more golf behind the keyboard than on the course recently. WOUld like to see how this driver performs as I like bonded drivers more than the adjustable ones. Something about the weighting always seems off to me on newer adjustable hosel drivers.
  4. 1. No 2. It hasn't. 3. N/a 4. N/a While the site is entertaining and a good way to waste some time at work, it's not influential for me to read about anything vs trying it. Probably not a helpful survey answer.
  5. And that's why I have a mitchell machine bolted to the floor in my garage!!!!! Have to check the specs...can't trust the factory. I can adjust my swing to lie angles as well. Its tough for a fitter to do a good job. How did they fit lie angle-lie board I'm guessing? Do yourself a favor and use the marker method and watch ball flight, then get them bent to fit that. Take the time and do it with EVERY club, not just the 7 iron.
  6. Well DJ didn't do too good in the final round of the Tour Championship. Probably time right about now to get him a new prototype driver.
  7. The 8 iron has helped my irons a ton...once you can flush this, it makes hitting a crisp iron easier and my handicap did come down a couple strokes. I did develop some problems with the driver after getting the swing to flush the DST compressor down probably more related to D-plane issues...always a work in progress.
  8. Joe, Texas, 9.7 D - Z565 9.5 deg some type of heavy x stiff shaft - Really need a driver fitting 3W - ZF65 13.5 deg 2H - ZH65 16 deg 4-AW - Z765 w/ DG X300 SW - RTX 3.0 Tour Raw 54 VFG w/ DG X300 LW - RTX 3.0 Tour Raw 60 VFG w/ DG X300 Putt - TFI 2135 Elevado Slim Salty Grip Balls - Z Star XV, the kind that don't get lost Bag - Big old Annoying staff bag with my name on it that no one with a handicap as high as mine should ever have. Don't Post on here enough to win I'm sure, but this would be really cool
  9. Joe TX 9.9 Index Bushnell ARC 1200 bow hunting Model rangefinder--If I leave this in my hunting bag or the batteries are dead, I walk it off to get the yardage...like a boss.
  10. 5 Vegas Gold's Gurkha Beauty Hoyo Excalibur
  11. I like heavier and stiffer in wedges. Feels right. X100 in irons, X300 in SW and LW. Also, the BBTG length is longer on my wishon wedge heads so the X300's are perfect in flex.
  12. The fish golf balls out of my home course
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