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  1. Cobra's gear has been really awesome IMO lately, so I'm sure they are going to perform great for you. Obviously we'll wait for the real data to see how they stack up, but judging how the King F6+ did in driver testing here, I'm thinking they'll be strong performers.
  2. Yep. I was drawing them even on the sim and couldn't get them to fade no matter what I did...that should have been my first sign lol I fully recognize it was my swing's fault though. I can hook ANY club when my swing is in hook mode haha
  3. This bag makes me all the happy. Channeling your inner JDay with the putter I see
  4. Had this happen with X2Hot 3W/5W a couple years back. Hit them on the sim and was just brutalizing them, got em out on the course and hooked everything off the freaking planet. Needless to say those were gonezo in a hurry haha
  5. I thought about doing this at one point. But driver is one of my most consistent clubs right now even at 45.25", so I ain't messin' with a good thing haha. Glad to hear it worked out for you though! I guess I am sort of experimenting with having a shorter driver in the bag by trying a 16* mini driver. But 255cc is a long way from 460cc so apples and oranges...lol
  6. Trying out a 16* Aeroburner mini driver in the 3W slot here coming up. Should help me with forgiveness off a tee and maybe avoid some of those quick hooks I like to hit with my BB 3W at times. Probably won't hit it off the deck, and just relegate that role to the XR16 19* which is a monster off the deck.
  7. I sure have. Hit it a ways back and thought it was awesome. I'm concerned it will actually be too close to my driver in distance though - this club isn't really supposed to be a driver substitute, more of a 3W substitute with extra size and forgiveness. We shall see though, considering all options! I have not, though I want to. It doesn't have the extra size of the mini driver though, which is what I'm looking to experiment with. And yep, in PA now! We should be able to play more often now, hopefully!
  8. Realizations about the way I use my 3W are making me seriously think about picking up an Aeroburner Mini Driver 16*. I almost always hit the 3W off the tee, and that extra volume and face area on the Mini (nearly 100cc bigger than my BB 3w) could give me that extra help. Plus I am more consistent with my driver than my 3W right now, so I figure if I make my 3W more driver like, it may just help. Off the deck, I'll stick with the 5w.
  9. It's sand play and pitching for me. I'm still a pretty inconsistent sand player, and with pitching I just have trouble judging swing length. I don't have custom fitted wedges, but my next set (after this year - mine are beat to hell right now) will be. And will also have Steelfiber shafts to match my irons.
  10. Personally, I don't understand why everyone get their panties all in a bunch because the tour players make the game look easy at times. I think it's awesome. Shows us all the limits of what's possible with current gear. You can't tell me you don't enjoy watching Jason Day or Dustin Johnson bomb it 360. I see nothing wrong with it at this juncture. And like others have said, it's not like there aren't guys out there struggling all the time.
  11. Very nicely! I won't lie, there is a modicum of demand there with the profile and you do have to make a semi decent swing to get results, but they are also a lot more forgiving than their size would indicate. The Steelfibers gave me a few mph more ball speed across the board than steel when I was fit, and I'm continuing to see that now. I used to be a 150-155 yd 7i guy, now I'm playing 8i from those distances.
  12. 19 actually. It's the same loft as the hybrid was, but the higher MOI and a little extra shaft length means it goes a little further than the hybrid did. Of course I only hit it once last round and hooked the holy hell out of it, so nothing is certain just yet hahaha
  13. Need to make a small update to this. I switched out the R15 3h for an XR16 5W with a Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue stiff. Fits my gap much better and is a better tee club, plus it elevates easier off the deck so long as the lie is decent. Will post an updated photo a little later today! It's a little more draw biased than I'd maybe like, but I think as long as I keep my tempo smooth it should work out.
  14. Some of those SGI long irons are silly easy to hit and almost like hybrids anyways, so I would go for it if it makes you confident! I'd encourage you to not base your decision on loft alone though - see if you can hit the irons on a monitor first and make sure it fits the distance you want.
  15. If it's me, it depends on the lie. If the ball is sitting up a little, the shot can actually be easier than a fairway wood from the fairway. I would go for it in this case, assuming there's not a lot of trouble around the green. If there is, or the lie is tough, I lay up.
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