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  1. I play about 80 rounds a year and have an 8 handicap. I currently use a Rife Hero putter and have long been a fan of the Rife Guerin products. I am especially interested in the new EVNRoll putters and would dearly love to try one out. They have great looks and their products always have a great feel.
  2. I am very interested in testing these clubs. I have used various types of blade irons for almost 50 years (I currently own, and play, multiple sets of irons) and have played both the Hogan Apex and the older Slazenger Ben Hogan Producer irons. I love the look, feel and feedback of blades - but also believe that a little bit of shot forgiveness would also be helpful. My current handicap index is 6.5. I do photography as a hobby and can accurately describe the appeal that different clubs have to me.
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