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  1. Trying to not get overly excited for Jan golf trip and hoping that mother nature doesn't deposit her first snowstorm on us in New England around my departure date.

  2. if you're wondering why my visor says "Betsy", that's my wife's name and this was from when she was a little kid. :)

  3. Another beautiful day on my favorite forum!

  4. the club face sends it, the path bends it...

    1. HardcoreLooper


      Truer words were never spoken

  5. If you quoted a post I made and I haven't followed up on it yet my apologies! I always at least "like" them and usually comment...been away for 3 weeks but am now back and playing catch up.

  6. wish I could welcome every single new member to the forum...welcome to all, hope you stay awhile and have some fun!

  7. Achilles tendinitis ...... =(

  8. March 5th and woke up to fresh snow... =(

    1. KevinE


      Well Ace my forecast for tomorrow is a foot +++++ Last Wednesday I played 18....Not a happy camper!!!




  9. Spring is coming... I can feel it!

  10. I'm so tired of being cold that it's starting to feel normal when it is above freezing

  11. Let's go #TEAMLEXI ... week 1 in the books. Show em how it's done with the King Cobra!

  12. Can't wait for Team Lexi to take this COBRACONNECT challenge!

  13. confused: protype black or black series tour design ???

  14. ...and just like that, the light bulb has gone off again. :disappointed:

  15. ...and just like that, the light bulb has gone off again. í ½í¸ž

  16. ...and just like that, the light bulb has gone off again. í ½í¸ž

  17. Feels so good when the light bulb comes on!

  18. the sun is back, the sun is back! leaves on the trees, birds chirping away...love golf season!

  19. ...is it spring YET? C'mon mama nature, help me out here.

    1. Brjpool


      I can't complain. I played seven times in Feb. in kansas

    2. GolfSpy Stroker

      GolfSpy Stroker

      wow... lucky you!

    3. GolfSpy Stroker

      GolfSpy Stroker

      wish I could say the same... :(

  20. The Masters begins in 33 days!!

  21. Now we're talking! 60* today, tomorrow and Saturday!

  22. more snow...so much snow on the ground...I better be playing golf by mid-March somewhere...

  23. OT at both the WM and the SB? What're the odds! Incredible comebacks; what a way to start 2017!

    1. downlowkey


      Agreed, I was flipping between the two trying not to miss any of the action.

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