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  1. Not sure who told you that but if you are truly a 16 handicap then I don't see any way that a fitting won't help. That's about the point in which you can start to see it make a true difference. Someone that shoots in the 100s maybe not, but now that you're in the mid-teens it seems a good time. Besides - it's fun as heck!
  2. We love golf ... no, we REALLY love golf. That being said, how far have you traveled ROUND TRIP for a single round of golf - NOT for a "golf trip", just a single round of golf? I'll give you an example: @Golfspy_CG2 was telling me that he once made a round-trip to Pinehurst in a day for one round of golf. 6 hours each way. Left home at 5:00 am made a 12:00 pm shotgun start. Left at 6:30 pm to drive back got home at 1:00 am. Had to be at an 8:00 am regional meeting with our president. I have another friend who did something similar from RI to NY for Bethpage black. So spies - how far have you gone for a single round?
  3. What do you think about the site of the 2020 PGA Championship - TPC Harding Park?
  4. Well said Rob! Been a true pleasure getting to know you and working with you and I'm looking forward to many more years together.
  5. Not from me. Maybe hit onto a sloped green and hit it on the slope so it rolls back down the hill?
  6. WHOA! Those will ZIP all the way back to where you hit them if your not careful.
  7. Officially I'll be testing the 54 degree mid bounce; I use this for both full shots (around 100 yards and in) as well as bump and runs around the green. My current 54 is a Vokey SM6 and it will be interesting to see how moving the CG away from the heel effects things. Also looking forward to the amount of spin I can impart on these. I like to have my wedges match so I personally pre-ordered a 58 degree low bounce Zipcore. I tend not to use my 58 for full shots but I might try it with this. I'd rather take a full swing with the 58 than try to "finesse" it with a 54. Most of my chips and pitches around the green are with my Vokey SM6 58. I always use the 58 out of the bunkers around the green. My iron set has an "A" wedge that is 51 degrees and - contrary to the article in the blog - I like both my P and A wedges to match my set as I rarely chip/pitch with them and 95% of the time use them exclusively for full shots. Curious what the distance and launch is going to be like with the zippers.... looking forward to it. Who knows, maybe I'll back one up into the hole.
  8. Cleveland golf has stripped their flagship RTX wedge down to its core and rebuilt it from the inside out. According to Cleveland Golf: "The ZipCore is a low-density material at the heart of RTX. It’s an inside-to-out solution that’s elegant in form and function, with unprecedented results. By replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core, ZipCore repositions mass for kid-in-a candy-shop levels of design freedom. It’s how we pumped in a mountain of High-Low MOI that just wasn’t there before. And it’s how we repositioned the CG so more of your shots land on the sweet spot. The result? More consistency across the board. Spin, distance, feel, control—better, better, BETTER. You just leveled up, friend." Join us on this test to determine if the results match the marketing. These 10 forum members will be putting these claims to test and you can follow their updates here in this thread. Their overall review will be posted here: @artful_golfer REVIEW (46* mid) @Shankster REVIEW (46* mid) @TBT REVIEW (50* mid) @tchat07 REVIEW (54* mid) @GolfSpy Stroker REVIEW (54* mid) @Reesedw REVIEW (58* mid) @dhartmann34 REVIEW (58* mid) @BrownBearGolf REVIEW (58* mid) @fozcycle REVIEW (58* mid) @mr.hicksta REVIEW (60* full)
  9. Yep - I do just like you do and use the smart straps on the top cart strap. So I've got a horizontal wrap (from the cart) and 2 vertical wraps (from the bag). I go up and down hills and over bumps and the bag stays locked in tight! BTW: that's a sweet clicgear! Really like your phone holder also. Nicely done!
  10. I walk any time I can - probably more than I should on some of these hilly courses in the heat, but what the heck.... anyhow I would be going along fine and then my bag would start slipping and spinning on my push cart. Drove me crazy. I tried some 'hacks' to stop it but nothing worked. So I hunted for a new bag. The sun mountain C130 cart bag has something that is one of the best additions to a bag I've ever used. These straps here prevent the bag from spinning and rotating and work like magic. Now I'm a happy walker.
  11. the golf gear at Goodwill stores in the south is insanely awesome. Nice scores Stu!
  12. You can get nice Izod shirts for a steal at the outlet mall. Also: if you know what you're doing you can get quality stuff SUPER cheap on eBay
  13. he's right.... those clubs are dynamite. I remember when I first started and I used a similar set from Gigagolf. Ugly as all get out but man ... so forgiving. both the cleveland and the wilson version are fantastic.
  14. my guy won the tournament and I still lost .... LOL
  15. Figured my putting can't get any more inconsistent and Edel knows putting so what-the-heck...
  16. Who wants to join me ( @GolfSpy Stroker ) and take a trip to ZipCity? These lucky 9 do! @artful_golfer @mr.hicksta @Reesedw @dhartmann34 @Shankster @tchat07 @BrownBearGolf @TBT @fozcycle Big congrats to these members as we'll be zipping shots back into the hole with the new Cleveland ZipCore wedge. First one to make a hole-in-one with one gets to buy the entire forum a drink of their choice!
  17. Hi all - wondering what folks opinions or experiences are with this...as with everything* it depends on the instructor, so with that being said: - have you had both a group lesson and 1 on 1 lesson? --- if so did you find a drastic difference between them? was there a distinct advantage to 1/1 vs group? - would you rather have 2 1 on 1 30 min lessons or five 1-hour group lessons? Any other comments/experiences you'd like to share?
  18. One thing that I'm wondering is when to choose the 5w over the 3w. How do you make this decision? Is there a situation when you only/usually choose one over the other? Has your 3w become irrelevant?
  19. Let's see what makes you tick; adding a profile photo is quick and easy and means a lot to everyone on the site - including the administrators and moderators! So, that being said, let's see how many of you can change your profile from the default 'picture' on your profile to something else; You, what interests you, something else, lets see it! It's simple - check it out below:
  20. Thinking of doing the same thing - is the loft on your 5w the same as your hybrid?
  21. absolutely *love* this easy drill. also reinforces the 'elbow down' theory.
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