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  1. check out the FAQ...they're called 'badges'
  2. Just re-read this article - https://mygolfspy.com/the-best-personal-launch-monitor-2019/ Doesn't sound that encouraging.... RANGE BALLS OR REAL BALLS? Another hard truth; if you’re planning on collecting data while banging limited flight, beat to hell, or otherwise nondescript range balls, you’re not only wasting your time, you’re wasting money. If getting data with the ball you play is impossible, you should at least try and get data from a ball that’s similar to the ball you play. Failing that, make sure you’re using the same ball. That shouldn’t be too hard in indoor environments or hitting nets, but understand that if one ball you’re hitting isn’t like the next, there’s not much to be learned from whatever numbers appear on the screen from shot to shot. If a literal mixed bag of range balls is your typical use-case, and you’re looking for more than just a good time, it probably makes sense to save your money. EXPERT TIP - IF YOU'RE ON A BUDGET AND SERIOUS ABOUT DATA, WAIT We understand how enticing a $500 launch monitor might be. There's plenty of demand, which is why there are a growing number of offerings trying to satisfy the cravings of average golfers. We've provided our best bets for those who absolutely want to buy now, but in our opinion, the offerings in this category are immature and lack the fundamental horsepower necessary to deliver data accurately and consistently. If $500 is your ceiling, our advice is to wait until the technology improves, or until you've saved enough to step up a class. If the money is burning a hole in your pocket, spend it on lessons. There's more value to be had there than on a device that will almost certainly provide mixed and often unpredictable results.
  3. NEED. A. P.L.M. (personal launch monitor) Really leaning towards the PRGR ... just something I can use when practicing that will give me basic info and 200 bucks is a decent price. I'm not spending 500 on a Mevo. Fuggedaboutit!!
  4. Found some clarification. The Open Championship is cancelled.... The British Open has officially been canceled. The R&A reportedly has pandemic insurance, which meant the organization had to make a decision soon on whether to cancel if it wanted to collect on that insurance. Royal St. Georges, which was slated to host this year’s event, will now play host in 2021, The 2022 event, which will be the 150th playing of The Open, will take place at St. Andrews.
  5. This sounds appealing. I'm always looking for something to bring to the range that will give me more information than 'guesstimating'... Looking forward to your results.
  6. Interesting....maybe in 20 days I'll have a chance to test it. I read online that the Tamiya Acrylic paint is really good and that's what I used.
  7. Just did some paint fill on 2 sets of clubs for the first time. I was nervous about the paint dry time... I didn't wait long enough and wiped away some of my work with the rubbing alcohol and had to do it twice. Let the paint dry longer than you think - 15 min? and then hit it with the rubbing alcohol to remove the excess. I used a lot of Q tips. I also bought these...they're women's eyeliner makeup brushes but the fine point is perfect to get into the tiny crevices...
  8. A camo one would be awesome! We have a family friend who does a lot of sewing and she made some for the local hospital so got really good at sizing. She brought some "his" and "hers" versions by for the wife and I.
  9. look at all of those Ping clubs in a Taylormade bag! Sacrilegious!
  10. I have a couple Survivor "buff's" from season 1. I wore one to Home Depot yesterday and it looked like I was there to rob the store! It was about 50/50 as to those covering their face and those that weren't. I'm not going to mess around. I even covered mine in the DD drive thru. LOL
  11. what does it mean for the Open Championship to be "postponed" to next year? the tournament takes place every year... is 'postponed' a better term than cancelled or are they planning to play it 2x in 2021?
  12. my 13 y/o at dinner the other night said he's happy that he's going through this. He said that he feels like he's a part of history. I was impressed!
  13. Yes; please send copy of receipt to @GolfSpy STUDque @Golfspy_CG2 @GolfSpy MPR @GolfSpy Stroker for our records. Once we receive that we can add DONOR.
  14. Interesting discussion on scheduling today. I can get behind a November Masters!
  15. Looks great! What did you use to clean it?
  16. A lot of guys like the Rukket nets. That's a little closer to the top end of your budget but those seem to be pretty popular.
  17. LOL - Titleist irons for everyone! You get irons, you get irons, you all get irons!!
  18. Looks great! I was toying with the idea of adding some small but strategically placed shims to simulate a break.
  19. PRGR seems to be the most affordable - somewhat accurate - one....
  20. This song hits me in that soft spot deep down... every time. RIP brother; hope you find someone to lean on up there.
  21. What a gorgeous looking club head.... very classy!
  22. Have fun gentlemen! Definitely want to hear some hole in one stories from this one...
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