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  1. Eesh... Now Mahomes is out. Estimate is 2-4 weeks due to a dislocated kneecap. Brees, Big Ben, Cam and now Mahomes....dang
  2. Great tip Rev! I'll echo this .... when I was recently doing a fitting my irons were fine but when I got to the driver things started going left and coming back. Thankfully the fitter had been a coach in the past and - he did say that he hates to give tips to guys during a fitting but he did notice something and it was pretty consistent.... I was setting up and aligning fine and then I got behind the ball and in an effort to hit up on the ball I tilted right. However, when I did that it opened my left shoulder! Something I didn't even realize I was doing but easy to see from behind. Simple things can make a big difference.
  3. SWEETNESS! The iphone is a *much* smaller footprint than my Android... easier to fit in the pocket and lighter. could prob pick up an iphone SE on flea bay pretty cheap too.
  4. Sound like leaving it in the cart will screw up the readings according to their support site...one other thing to consider is how far away you are when you hit - bluetooth signals typically don't reach very far so it might not even pick it up. Because Arccos utilizes the GPS functionality of the iPhone to know where you hit your shots from, it is imperative that you keep the iPhone on your person when you play. If you leave the phone in your cart, when you hit a shot the iPhone will take a GPS reading from wherever the phone is instead of where you actually are. For example, if you leave your phone in your golf cart and go toward the putting green and take a chip and a putt, Arccos will think you hit that chip and putt from wherever your cart was. Class 2 transmiting at 2.5 mW with a range of 10 meters or 33 feet (most Bluetooth headsets and headphones are common Class 2 devices).
  5. Question on the Arccos thing - does the phone need to have actual cellular service to work? My main phone is an Android but i have an older iPhone that I can throw an old sim card in and use but it won't have cell service. Will that work? Do the sensors just need a bluetooth connection? I'd rather not swap my 'real' sim card into the iphone and from everything I read the Android app kinda sucks so I'd like to use the iphone one.
  6. Got a really good friend that is thinking hard about these.... he's about a 3hc and played the Nike VR Pros; he really liked the looks and shape of these... hopefully he goes with these over the Titleist ones he's considering. I think that he'll really like them.
  7. I'm a fan of the CTP model.... Course-to-player where you hit your ball out of bounds, go hunting for it, find 3 other balls and *profit*.... #finditplayit
  8. The bag seems to have loads of storage and I tried it on a cart at the store and it sat nicely. I like how the top is angled. It also has a cool feature for riding carts - 2 straps that you can use to hold it upright and in place. I, too, am coming from an Ogio in which the exact same thing happened to me!
  9. Been looking for a new bag and had some PGASS credit and I was getting a wedge reshafted when I saw this little number on clearance... I try to walk whenever I can and use a push cart and have heard loads of great things about the C130 and I just had to do it. BONUS: the color scheme will match the badges on my Ping g410s
  10. Goff killed you this week...what a disaster that game was for all of the Rams.
  11. Wishon Sterling single length Did not try AWT. Love the LZ shaft. Felt perfect.
  12. I learned last year that Chez Reavie has 21 holes in one... Sounds a little overrated. I've done it a ton in mini golf.
  13. Pshah... I've had like 5 or 6 Albatrosses...is that a big deal or something?
  14. Thanks! Yeah I'm hoping to get the ball to stop a little closer to where it lands rather than having it roll out. I'd rather have an 8 foot putt instead of a 20 footer....
  15. Thanks! Hope you have fun...poor guy is the only one there and hasn't had a break since they started this promotion.
  16. Thanks! Haha...no, my old junker car is out of the pic to the right of my bag.
  17. I was certainly willing to but everything in my bag was good to go! A pleasant surprise.
  18. FYI: wrote up my experience here.... so good it deserved it's own thread!
  19. Absolutely no nickel-and-diming here.... no upsell, no pressure, none of that. I cannot imagine a more pleasurable fitting experience.
  20. No charge....right there on the spot...then I made some swings just to make sure the adjustments were helpful.
  21. That's a good point! VERY VERY refreshing not to see a single OEM poster hanging anywhere. Not. One.
  22. A little preview....whew boy what a difference the proper shaft makes.
  23. FITTING NIRVANA The other day I participated in my first full-bag fitting. TrueSpec golf offered an opportunity that doesn't come around too often - a free (450.00 value!) full bag fitting at the Boston location. I was very much looking forward to this as I had never done a full bag before. 3 years ago I had an iron fitting that wasn't very good. 5 years ago I had a driver fitting that was o-kay. 2 years ago I had a putter fitting that was a disappointment. I've heard a lot of great things about TrueSpec, especially reading about @jlukes experience, and I couldn't wait to see what it was all about. ------------------------------ On behalf of everyone at True Spec Golf, thank you for considering us for your golf equipment needs. We are looking forward to showing you what a custom club fitting can do for your game. We have you scheduled for: COMPLIMENTARY FITTING October 9, 2019 03:30 PM at Boston Your appointment should last 240 minutes. ------------------------------ WHAT !?!??! 240 minutes.... as in 4 hours ?!?! Wooo-boy. I was glad that I was the last appointment of the day. Upon arrival I saw that the location was in an industrial area and located in a warehouse looking building. This made me a little skeptical. But... I had an open mind and was optimistic. Waiting for me outside of the building was Nick and he saw me with my bag and greeted me pleasantly. Right away I let him know that I worked as a forum admin for MyGolfSpy and asked if he'd heard of the site; - "Oh yeah, they did that big ball test this year, right?" Funny...that really REALLY had an impact on the industry. I let him know about how the site is independent and lets the data speak for itself, how we do a lot of equipment testing and that I'm also there to get some information to share with the forum members so I'll be taking some photos. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was just him and I and the space was open, warm, welcoming and large.. I'll let the pics speak for themselves... giant hitting bay, shafts and heads galore... every machine you can imagine. Top notch. He asked me the particulars that you typically are asked when getting a fitting (what am I looking for, what do I currently play, etc.) He then took my 6 iron and measured everything (loft/lie/length) while I warmed up with an 8. A very nice touch: he asked what ball I typically play (BS RX) and we used THAT ball for everything. (Note - they use a GCQuad/Foresight which works very well) Shafts galore He described how they do all of their fittings using a 6 iron because that's the club that most people lose confidence in for some reason. 7 iron is fine but the 6 seems to scare folks. Personally, I am fine hitting my 6 but I liked to hear how they want to get folks comfortable and confident hitting a club they typically aren't confident in. Devices aplenty....(he used the tall black metal machine to bend my wedge and the other stuff was used to measure weight, length and flex) For a full bag they typically start with irons, move on to driver, then woods/hybrids, wedges, putter. I had a unique situation because I had a set of specific irons I wanted to get fit for and he was more than happy to help with that. I hit my 6 to set a baseline and then we compared my 6 to the set I wanted, tried a couple different shafts (I asked him to stick to the stock choices for ordering purposes) and found one that I really liked and performed well for me. We then went to the driver and I won my driver during a member-guest tournament earlier this year and I wasn't properly fit into it so I asked if he could help me with the settings. I took some swings, he looked at the numbers, made a couple of adjustments and my total distance before the change became my carry distance afterwards! Basically I added about 20 yards to my drive with some minor adjustments.... #fittingmatters My kind of drawers! After we got 'my' driver dialed in I let him know I wasn't "married" to it and if there was anything else he had that might be better I'm all for it. I tried a number of different head and shaft combinations that came close but nothing that could knock it outta the bag. He did suggest that I trim an inch off because it is 45.5 inches long! Even tour pros don't play drivers that long. We carried on with 3w and my hybrid and same thing... both were as good as anything else. I recently began to get a bit of a hook with my hybrid and he helped me adjust the settings so that it is more fade biased and I gained about 15 yards as well. I asked about my wedge makeup (50/54/58) and he liked it and especially liked the grind for the area/courses I play (New England). I told him that something about the 50 felt 'off' and he measured it and noticed it was 2 degrees flat. Well then! He quickly put it on the machine, bent it so that it was standard and boom.... I got the extra yards I was missing. He helped to make sure that the gapping in my set was good (of course since I didn't have my irons he could only estimate) and we moved on to the putter. This was in another section of the fitting area and used GCQuad. I had a previous putter fitting using Samlab and there wasn't much difference between the two of them. Mix and match shafts, grips and putter heads.... very cool. I recently purchased the putter and had only had it out for one round. I hit a series of 9 foot putts while he watched behind and the putts were going in and the numbers looked okay but he noticed that the toe was a bit high. He bent the putter a bit, I tried again and voila.... the numbers were spot on. Giving the putter a little makeover... THIS MADE ME VERY HAPPY.... this is where I lose the majority of my strokes and this was my 4th putter this year. Having a properly fit putter is such a great feeling! It was now about 7:30 and the time just seemed to fly by. We're both kind of 'gear heads' so it was easy to pass the time; Nick KNOWS clubs and we had some great conversation. He was easy going, friendly and helpful. All in all it was the best fitting experience I have ever had. The place itself is first class. Clean, organized, professional...everything you could want from a fitting. To top it all off Nick sent me all of my results in multiple pdf documents within 30 minutes after my session and even offered to send me the entire dataset. I was able to ask him a question the next day via email and he responded quickly. There was no pressure to sell me anything and I could tell he truly only cared that I have the best performing clubs in my bag - no matter whether they were new or old. I highly recommend TrueSpec; I've been to Club Champion and some other local "Golf Digest top 100" fitters and they pale in comparison. The one thing I would caution you on - for a full bag you will hit a lot of balls and you'll probably feel it the next day; I didn't feel it at the time but when I woke up the next day I did. Don't get me wrong, the full bag is awesome, and it's great to do it all at once and totally worth it but they do offer other individual fittings. TLDR; TrueSpec is wicked awesome. You should definitely do it. Just for fun.... my results: Irons (6 iron): Driver: Woods: Putter:
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