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  1. I haven't read the book but I do follow him so I see his blog posts. This one is very well done - https://www.adamyounggolf.com/6-reasons-golf/ Calling out a couple sections.... So many times, we put pressure on ourselves as golfers to be perfect. The fear of making a mistake is often something which brings about a self-fulfilling prophesy. The moment you let go of the fear of a bad shot and accept that anything can (and often does) happen – but that’s ok – the moment we are free to play our best golf. I call it “f#!k it” golf. There’s the target, I’m gonna swing at it, and
  2. Has to be this par 3 at Port Royal in Bermuda.... The water really is that color and it is definitely a scary shot. .... and who wouldn't want to take a bucket of balls to 16 at AGNC and try to 1. skip some across the water 2. see how close you can get to a hole in 1
  3. Every day... probably 30-40 swings back and forth.... around 50-60 yards. Need to get between the 2 flags. Have another mat between them for the shot back. Working on swing path and plane. Ignore the ugly lawn; new house and it's a WIP.
  4. Yeah; that looks good... wish I had a clicgear but I have a CaddyTek and they don't use the same connection for the bag strap. this would be just right I think:
  5. Michael Breed has an incredible amount of training aids made out of PVC and swim noodles...
  6. Per Rory last week: McIlroy’s bread-and-butter shot for so many years was hitting a big swinging draw with his driver. But for a couple years now, McIlroy said, he’s committed to hitting a fade. One big reason for the change, he said, have been technological improvements in the modern driver, which he said makes it more difficult for him to draw the ball. “So I’ve had to adjust,” he said. “That’s how I’ve played most of my life, so it’s committing to seeing a different way to hit tee shots and it’s just, it’s taking a while to get used to it.”
  7. Every push cart I've had has the bag laying down at a 45 degree angle. While that may be good for getting stuff out of the pockets it makes pulling clubs out a real pain. Does anyone know of a push cart or pull cart that will hold a bag as close to a 90 degree angle as possible? Maybe someone has created a lifehack to make it happen?
  8. HAHAHAHA.... as someone who used to pick testers this is interesting....some of it is right, some of it is close and some of it is, well, I'll leave that up to the current moderators who select the testers now. I will say though, you left one thing out: If you are selected to test something - anything - and you don't post a word at all in the review thread or reach out to one of the mods and explain the extenuating circumstances (yes, they understand people have actual real lives and jobs too) you will never be selected to test again. Not a warning, just some advice....
  9. going from ole reliable King F7 to Speedzone Big Tour set to 13.5 as a mini-driver Dropped 2 hybrid and picked up a Sim Max 5 wood Haven't had a round with either yet but this has always been a challenging spot in my bag and am hoping to have found a fix...
  10. TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood 5 Wood Fairway Wood Men Right Hand, 18 degree Loft
  11. Interesting article on golf.com about putting technique.... I always seem to come back to comparing things to basketball since that's the sport I've played the most in my life. When I shoot free throws I don't look down while dribbling before shooting; I'm always looking at the rim. Not sure why I don't do the same when putting. Looking at the target longer has been proven to have more success. I'm going to start trying this. BTW: I know that Spieth does this and has for some time now. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/heads-up-putting-technique/ Welcome to Play Smart, a ga
  12. retails for or sells new for [$xxx.xx] .... really doesn't matter what the retail price is; if I wanted a new one I'd buy a new one. the supposed 'discount' you're offering off of the new price is meaningless.
  13. Story of my round yesterday... Had - not kidding - at least 7 lip outs. But man was I bombing it. Switched to hovering driver and teeing it up a bit higher and whoa baby. Furthest I've ever driven it.
  14. seems like after a few rounds playing the back tees and losing over a dozen balls you'd think people would change... IMHO courses need to add a "mixed tees" or "members tees" option Let people play from the back on the par 5s <<ego>> and some of the 4s but have them play forward on the 3s. That seems to be where most ego-driven people get into trouble. Not a lot of weekend warriors can par a 185+ par 3 on a regular basis. especially if you add any water or wind to the picture...
  15. Plan is to replace the current fwy - Cobra F7 set to 15* this is a 13.5 degree. Looking for an off the tee club that doesn't go quite as far as driver and a club to use from the fw to reach par 5 in 2. We'll see how it works... getting delivered today.
  16. Sounds really good! I've never had a lesson and am considering one but am on the fence between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Any suggestions on what might be the most productive?
  17. To deliver the ultimate in feel and touch, the putters are entirely CNC milled from a solid block of carbon steel. The milled X-grip face pattern provides unprecedented feel and control on the green and reduces skidding. The responsive, pure feel and feedback of the face design translates to incredible accuracy and touch. In addition, each putter has a hand-rolled leading edge ensuring that each stroke glides smoothly through the ball, even in the longer grass on the fringe. Plus, the five tour-inspired designs feature a high-toe profile which eliminates the tendency to raise the toe at a
  18. Not easy! I guessed on about half of them. Interesting to see the way some courses are laid out vs others as well as the amount of homes built up around them and the roads.
  20. Pretty cool article today from Golf Digest looking at courses from above.... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/can-you-name-these-famous-golf-courses-from-these-satellite-images-take-our-quiz How many were you able to get right on the quiz?
  21. .... friend of mine I play with had a set of R9's his dad won in a tournament and gave to him 10 years ago. Wife asked what to get him for XMas and I told her to buy him a fitting at CC. He ended up with the i210's in graphite. This might have been his first fitting so he was a little overwhelmed. Ping has been crazy crazy busy and it took him about 3 months to finally get the clubs. They shipped them to CC and he went to pick them up; asked him if they let him hit them on the sim to make sure everything was correct and he said that they wouldn't. Maybe that's a policy, but seems li
  22. Continuing with this theme in a little more detail. Focusing on this has helped me *tremendously* in the last year. I used to do the opposite of what he describes here sometimes and it is an absolute swing killer. I like the drill with the alignment rod (or snowstick as we call them in new england ) in the right armpit.
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