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  1. Robert Katonah NY Handicap 18 Current Cobra SZ OL I've waited long enough to get the buttery smooth hit that forged irons give I will participate in discussions about these clubs
  2. Robert, NY USA Handicap: 25 Current irons in Play: Ping G, Cobra F-Max (one length) The carry distance of your 7 iron: 145 yards
  3. First Name/State or Country of residence> Bob, New York Handicap> 25 Current irons in Play> Ping G The carry distance of the your 7 iron> 140yds
  4. Robert NY USA Ping G irons CF REG flex (bought used, so I REALLY need a NEW set) I hit 145 with a 7
  5. Bob NY Hybrids- Adams 3 Fairway-Cobra fly-z xl (used) Driver-Cobra fly-Z xl (used) Irons- Ping G (used) Putter-Odyssey W (used) handicap.....too large to say, I started to play in 2016, third NY season just starting. In the low 90's most of the time. I will hit in the 80's this summer. As you can see most of my bag was bought used, a NEW set of clubs wouldn't hurt in helping me hit my goal. I am recently retired and have ample time to contribute, as long as it doesn't get in the way of playing or practice, you have to know your priorities.
  6. Robert 63 NY ...how to get everything working right on the same day; today I drove like a pro then went critter hunting with the second shot, critters steal golf balls.
  7. Robert, New York Adams generic... Right Hand, stock legnth Odyssey O-Works Black #7S Putter!!!!!!!
  8. Bob NY Cobra Fly-Z XL stock shafts in R and S flex (yeah I have two) Swing speed is 90 distance is 225 Nesbocaj Android
  9. Bob NY Adams Speedline Plus 20+ Hey, I just started last year at 62 yo
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