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  1. Sign up, they have 2 for 3 sales on something like every month. Might be a particular style or pattern, but eventually the ones you want will have a deal.
  2. Just wanted to add one that I hadn't seen mentioned: Manele Golf Course in Lanai, Hawaii. https://youtu.be/Va8tk1lK1oc
  3. 1. Yes, the DST Compressor 2. The "Clubfitting 101" piece has confirmed my decision to get fit with True Spec Golf. 3. The DST Compressor probably helped knock 2 strokes of my handicap this past summer. The DST became a regular part of after work range sessions before hitting the course on the weekend. 4. Yes, the DST helped me develop a swing with consistent forward shaft line, yielding more compression and consistency in my iron plan (distance and accuracy).
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