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  1. Eric, New York City Galvin Green Luke Jacket, Bonobos Highland Golf Pants, Under Armour Compression Shorts or Cold Gear leggings when it gets cold out Bad rain (see picture). This was in the fall last year out in Long Island. First time I've had to buy socks in the pro shop to change out of my backups after they got soaked.
  2. I have the green GFORE glove, played with it in 90* heat and my hand didn't look like the hulks after the round. It's worth mentioning that I usually try to take my glove off in between shots, and I don't wear a glove for any shots (wedge/putter) within 50 yards.
  3. Bump -- Congrats to Justin Thomas for winning the Honda Classic with his X5
  4. For sale, sorry my screw up. Google Chrome keeps deleting my forum posts. Agreed -- Original Post updated
  5. Scotty Cameron Futura X5, $275. 35" shaft with the original Matador Midsize 11".
  6. The top of the big is the Epic Sub Zero (9*), TM 3 Wood High Launch (16.5*), TM 5 Wood (18*) and Srixon Z 765 4 Iron (21*).
  7. Eric - 28 NYC My Short Game -- Can nearly guarantee that I'll hit a chip or pitch shot thin, fat, or short. After quickly looking at some Arccos rounds, feel like I could easily shave 5 shots off by getting even semi-consistent.
  8. I usually play the Vice Pro+, but the Bridgestone B330 is my back-up ball. My driver swing speed is ~112 MPH, and both feel great off the driver, iron and wedge shots, and off the putter. I usually buy balls in bulk, so keep your eyes on Golf Galaxy for a 3-for-2 deal. That said, thinking about trying out the TP5/TP5x.
  9. So the clubs arrived late Thursday night and I had the opportunity to play a round with them on Saturday. Obviously will take a few more rounds to adjust to the new distances, but WOW -- the 765s cut right through any rough and the forged feeling is incredible. Not soft and mushy, but it feels effortless when you square it up and compress the ball. The Vokeys also feel great; definitely getting plenty of spin with a couple one hop & stop pitch shots.
  10. Just an update. I placed my order for the clubs on September 8 and Doug (my fitter) said that I should expect a 3-week build time. Well, True Spec Customer Service emailed me today and said the clubs are getting shipped out tomorrow! Over a week in advance, so hopefully I'll have them by the end of the month for some fall golf
  11. Sign up, they have 2 for 3 sales on something like every month. Might be a particular style or pattern, but eventually the ones you want will have a deal.
  12. I've played the Vice Pro and Pro+ and have fallen in love with how good they feel. I also haven't seen any abnormal ball wear compared against Titleist ProV1s or the Bridgestone TOUR B330s I've rotated in.
  13. I used to have Winn DriTac's, they were super tacky but they got beat up real fast. I've since switched to Lamkin UTXs, but am gonna give the NO1 50 Series grips a chance.
  14. I use Arccos and I've gotten very used to playing with my iPhone 6s in my front pocket (ironically, changing to a thinner case made it substantially less bothersome). I've never had a problem with registering shots, but I've gotten into a habit of checking after every hole to make sure the right amount of putts were registered. That said, I'm very interested to see how Shot Scope v2 turns out.
  15. I play with my iPhone in my front pocket just to make sure the sensor is picked up so I don't have to edit/add shots. It is a little frustrating only have 14 sensors for that exact reason--used to play a hybrid, switched it out for another wedge so it required moving the sensor, etc. If you care enough, maybe call Arccos and ask for pricing on a single extra sensor?
  16. That is a bad typo. The Epic SZ and Elements shaft an average of 2600 RPMs. 100%. I actually spoke with the fitter about it and explained that I'm toying around with grips. He said wait until I settle and get comfortable with a particular putting style, and then get fit.
  17. I recently just went for a full bag fitting with True Spec Golf and was blown away by how good the Srixons were. After taking some baseline numbers with my dated, off-the-shelf Callaway X-22s, we narrowed it down to the: (1) Srixon Z 565 and Z 765, both with the KBS C-Tapers; (2) TM P770 with the Project X LZ 6.0; and (3) Titleist AP2s with KBS C-Taper. In addition to these clubs, I tried the Callaway Apexs and Steelheads, the Mizuno JPX 900 Forged, Ping G400s, and Miura CB1008s. As much as I wanted to like the Mizuno JPX 900 Forged and JPX Tour, the 900 Forged consistently gave me too much height. in addition, I really don't see how there is a market for the JPX Tours and the MP-25s because it's a club for the exact same golfer (i.e., single digit handicappers looking for just a bit more forgiveness over a blade). Ultimately, I went with the Srixon Z 765 (4 to Gap), along with a Callaway Epic Sub Zero, TM M2 3 (High Launch) and 5 Woods, and Vokey Wedges in 56* and 60*.
  18. I got Arccos 360 last year for Christmas and have nothing but good things to say. Just in case, I went with one of their warranties to cover any lost/damaged sensors, but luckily haven't needed it yet. That said, I would probably have a tough time deciding between Arccos and Shot Scope v2 (being released this month). While Arccos has a much cleaner presentation, the new update (green front, back and center distances, elevation, wind, etc.), and the Caddie Feature (in partnership with Microsoft), I really like that Shot Scope doesn't require a phone being in your pocket and the more precise putting data. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if I purchase Shot Scope, compare it against Arccos, and then use whatever I like more on my "primary" clubs and then the other system on my vacation/back up set.
  19. I actually have both versions of the Pitchfix divot tools (the traditional metal "fork" and the coated pins). Unfortunately, the pins seemed like a great idea but I abandoned it because instead of repairing the divot, I end up just poking a bunch of holes into it (even if I do this on an angle and try to twist). At the same time, Pitchfix switchblade with traditional fork does exactly what it's supposed and, because it folds closed, I'm never worried about poking myself or putting a hole in pants/shorts.
  20. Fourteen RM-22, Miura Y, C or K Grinds, Epon Tour
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