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  1. I struggled when drivers started getting really large as well. I was just settling into a 300cc head 12 degrees at 44" when everyone else was moving to 460cc. When I finally did get to 460cc I had 11* and 44.5" and it was relatively heavy. Two years ago I played 45" and last year I was at 45.75"...still might go back to 45". I had to adjust my setup for the driver with the ball teed more forward and I also try to get my shoulders tilted more (right shoulder lower than left assuming a righty). I try to feel like I'm swinging a bit flatter too. Definitely something you need to hit the range and experiment with and getting a lesson probably wouldn't hurt. I would much rather hit driver now since they are so large and forgiving. I only club down on the doglegs that I might run through with driver. If the driver isn't working I have TM Original One Mini 13.5* that still works really well. I don't carry it as far as the driver, but it's so low spin that it runs out almost as far. Might be a good stepping stone to a larger driver assuming the low spin works for you. Or maybe try to find an older driver 300-400 cc to start with.
  2. I had a milder version of that trying CBD for golf. I think the problem was I took too much. I had tried the smallest dose of a full spectrum tincture and felt pretty much nothing so I doubled that (still relatively small) dose and felt horrible and played horrible lol. CBD doesn't really seem to help my sleep, aches or anything in my limited experimentation. I've found Turmeric and related supplements to help a lot with my 55 year old aches. Regular exercise and stretching is also vital for me. I stop either the supplements or exercise for 2 weeks or more and my body is NOT happy.
  3. Even though I don't lose a lot of balls, I like the Maxfli Tour balls for a bargain "tour" ball. They always seem to be available at 2 for $55 and the $10 DSG credits are easy to come by. I like some of the other big name tour balls a bit better, but not enough to justify the price....and when I play a ProV it doesn't seem to help my score. I definitely want a urethane cover on my ball. I did really like the Kirkland 4-piece ball, but found the original 3-piece to be short hitting. I haven't tried the latest Kirkland ball yet, but I hear it is better and the price is certainly good. I like Snell also, but they weren't always available this year.
  4. I've been playing the older Tour X and I find it to be a good ball. Two boxes for $55 and then there is always a $10 DSG coupon you can use to bring it down to $22.50/box is a bargain.
  5. Kevin Hartford, CT I walk most rounds; probably about 90% Currently using a BagBoy Tri-Swivel II push cart
  6. Really tempted to give this fairway a shot. Have always loved Maltby irons, but never cared for their woods. I gave up component stuff like Maltby and Wishon several years ago and currently have all Callaway, but I'm tempted to build a fairway wood, hybrid and irons this winter using Maltby.
  7. Kevin Hartford, CT 16.8 Callaway Apex CF 16 160 yds Thank you!
  8. Kevin Hartford, CT area HC: 18 Current irons: Callaway Apex Pro w/ Recoil 110 F4 Ping iron choice: I'd test either model
  9. Kevin CT/USA Callaway Apex Pro 16 / UST Recoil 110 F4 7i = 155
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