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  1. Kevin Hartford, CT I walk most rounds; probably about 90% Currently using a BagBoy Tri-Swivel II push cart
  2. Really tempted to give this fairway a shot. Have always loved Maltby irons, but never cared for their woods. I gave up component stuff like Maltby and Wishon several years ago and currently have all Callaway, but I'm tempted to build a fairway wood, hybrid and irons this winter using Maltby.
  3. Kevin Hartford, CT 16.8 Callaway Apex CF 16 160 yds Thank you!
  4. Kevin Hartford, CT area HC: 18 Current irons: Callaway Apex Pro w/ Recoil 110 F4 Ping iron choice: I'd test either model
  5. Kevin CT/USA Callaway Apex Pro 16 / UST Recoil 110 F4 7i = 155
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