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  1. I have two favorites. My old go to short are the Adidas Tech Cargo shorts. They don't look like your typical cargo shorts in that they are not baggy and wrinkly, but they do have a slim pocket on each side hat is excellent for an iphone. When my phone is in the side pocket it doesn't distract my like it does in a front pocket. It is also easy to get to with a glove on. My new favorite since Adidas doesn't make the tech cargoes any longer is the Ogio Knockdown. They are even more sturdy then the Adidas, have a sleek unobtrusive side pocket and have a nice waistband that helps keep your shirt tucked in. Really nice quality.
  2. Ditto almost everything Carolina Golfer 2 said. I wear mine everyday to track walking both on and off the treadmill and the battery is way better than my old FitBit. I make sure I charge it before a round and have never come close to it not lasting. It typically last that round plus a few days of non GPS workouts (treadmill). I wear reading glasses but don't need them to use the X40 on the course the numbers are large enough for me to see them clearly. The distances are very accurate. I compare them to the distances using GolfLogix on my iphone 6s and there is usually a 3-5 yard difference. However if I am standing on a yardage marker at a tee box, the X40 is exact and my phone app is off. I like the notifications because I usually have my phone in my pocket on vibrate. I almost always feel my wrist buzz where I would have otherwise missed a call or text message because I don't feel the phone while walking. There are times when logging in to Garmin Connect on the web that there will be an errant shot recorded, even though the X40 didn't add it to your score. It's easy to remove those when you look at the round on Garmin Connect and see and 11 yard shot mixed in with your 225 yard drive. I also use it to synch with the Dick's Sporting Goods App "Move" feature. Everyday you log 10,000 or more steps is worth 3 reward point. It's not much but between softball gear for my daughter and miscellaneous golf purchases it adds up.
  3. Too many great cigars to narrow down a favorite. I have a lot of go to cigars depending on the activity. For instance when I'm golfing I don't want anything too strong, I really like the Oliva Master Blends 3 out on the course. Sitting on the deck after dinner I like La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor in either a robusto or belicoso especially with a fine Virginia whiskey like Wasmunds. I also favor Nicaraguan blends or puros like Padron and Norteno. All this talk of cigars...I see you guys later time to go light one up!
  4. I like my clip, definitely better than balancing it on a tee box marker or bucket of sand. and it really sucks when you pull away in your cart and it goes rolling off the back. My only issue with it is the spring is a little strong for some of the larger ring gauges. You have to be careful removing the cigar so you don't damage the wrapper. I like the "giant roach clip" idea, going to try that next time.
  5. 1. Fran, the great State of Virginia 2. 23 3. Taylormade R9 Aldila RE AX 60 set to neutral 4. 98-101, 215-220 carry 5. Phil because I love the way he analyzes his shots and calculates risk versus gain.
  6. I wish Adidas still made the Tech Cargo shorts. They have a nice cargo pocket without the flap. Great for holding the cell phone, easy to get in and out of pocket to check distances even w/ glove on. Super light, comfortable and good looking. I have three pairs, but want more!
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