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  1. OK, I am totally supportive of people pursuing their dreams. I have been down this road... nearly 30 years ago. I played college golf, managed to be an all-american in my junior year and believed I had a shot. Then I went to the Ryder Cup. What I saw there was players with more talent in their little finger than I ever had the potential to develop. That was eye-opening and life altering. Following that I knew that I would never play professional golf, and I had always known that I would never be happy as a club professional. I turned my attention and effort to developing a business career and changing golf from my vocation to my avocation. Now, nearly 30 years later I know I did the right thing. I've been successful in business and I still play competitive golf, for fun of course. In 2009 I won my club championship and enjoyed the parking spot privilege for a year. I admire golfers who have the courage and commitment to pursue their dream. I wish you the best in pursuing yours. Keep us posted. If you want some perspective on what it takes, I suggest reading the book Paper Tiger by Tom Coyne.
  2. It will probably look the same as I prefer the look of fresh copper. I have a bottle of copper polish and a shammy to keep it looking like new. If I were not inclined to keep it like that this one looks as if it will patina with a lot black in it.
  3. Dave, I am glad to read that you enjoyed the putter during its stay with you. The kind words regarding Byron's craftsmanship are appreciated. This will likely be my winter putter as the greens here go dormant and slow down. It's higher MOI will be useful in getting the ball to the hole. For me the putter sets up perfectly. I have a lot of confidence when this one is in the bag. Thanks again!
  4. Well done Matt! I've had my TS for about 6-weeks now. Our cold weather and snow have kept me off the course, but the time that I have spent with it has proven to be beneficial. I am really looking forward to this golf season. BTW, the inventor is an aquaintance of mine. I'm going to send him this link and see if he will make himself available for Q&A here...
  5. Loose lips sink ships... All will be revealed in good time. The cool thing about this putter is that it will be available in both right and left handed models. Showing some love for the portsiders!
  6. If Damascus is not your cup of tea, Z-Man has a few in Aluminum Bronze...
  7. Thanks Shawn! The oohs and ahhs that putter gets everywhere I show it off are humbling. Right now it's on its way back from WV, where it was on loan to the lucky guy who picked up the 1st Off Bombora. He wanted to see the neck to decide if it was right for him. He didn't want to send the putter back, but I told him it wasn't for sale yet.
  8. More putters getting finished next week, more pictures then, including my personal model...
  9. Rumor is that there will be an announcement from Nike on Wednesday. I expect them to promote the Method being in Tiger's bag going forward...
  10. Here's one that is on its way to Las Vegas!
  11. I suspect that it is the usual – Pay for Play baby! Until or unless Iomic can get someone under contract you won't see their grips on tour. If I were them, I'd pursue Poulter, Fowler, and Paula Creamer to get their grips out there…
  12. 2010 has already been a banner year for Byron: his first grandchild (a boy, technically in 2009), the first ever Byron Mixer, and the new Bombora model. Now I hear that the latest addition to the Byron Design line-up will out very soon. The initial prototypes will be made from 303 American stainless. We're working on naming it. It has been going by various code names, most recently SWaT (simply without a thought). I expect the name to follow the surfing theme of the Bombora and Channel Islands putters. Stay tuned, pictures will be posted right here when it is released!
  13. Funny! Actually, we wish sactown had made it down to the Mixer. Maybe next year...
  14. Shoot me an email. Let's hook you up!
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