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  1. For Christmas this past year, I was given a driver fitting at Club Champion along with the driver/shaft I was fitted for. I ended up going with the Rogue Sub Zero with a HZRDUS Black 6.0, so it was early February before I had it in hand. After playing with the driver for a little over a month, I decided the trajectory was a little flatter than I wanted it, so I increased the loft 1 degree. In doing so, I knew I would be altering how the shaft (which was sst pured) was oriented, but was ok with that just to see how I liked the flight. I figured if I liked the flight, I would just go back to Club Champion and have them reorient the shaft. Well, not only do I like the flight more, I also like the feel of the shaft more as well, which raises some questions?


    -Was the shaft not properly pured?

    -Was the shaft not properly installed? Club Champion puts a P on the shaft for where the spine is located, and that was installed facing down at first. Now, after increasing the loft, the sticker is facing up.

    -I know some people don't think puring a shaft is worthwhile...is this just evidence for that mindset? Or it is just something about this specific shaft/my swing that is causing me to prefer the way it is oriented currently? If it helps, my swing speed with driver is right at 105 with a quick tempo.


    Any suggestions/information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    With the Callaway tip, it will have no impact on the position of the Pured shaft. If they installed Club Conex tip then the shaft would be out of it's optimal position.



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  2. I carry 5 wedges to allow more flexibility closer to the green. Pitching wedge is a Callaway Apex that is bent to 47*, Gap is 50* bent to 51*, Sand I have a low bounce option of a 56 and a high bounce option of a 54 (both bent to 55), same goes for Lob 58 and 60 (both bent to 59) and I have a 64 that's bent to 63. My 64 is phenomenal for short pitches when you have to carry it 10-15 yards. I typically don't use the 58-64 clubs on full shots because they balloon on me and are hard for me to control the distance; I'm much better on partial shots with these clubs.



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  3. John Shuff from Mississippi

    Ben Hogan 20 & 25 degree hybrids, both with UST iRoD 75 gram F4 (S) shafts

    I was custom fit for them but they are the Company's standard specs for the respective lofts.

    Having these be a little shorter than hybrids from other companies makes them very easy to hit very close to straight when I swing within myself.



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  4. I would love to test an ER2!


    1 - I play about 50 rounds per year.


    2 - I do not have an official handicap, but my Arccos handicap is 19.9 with a putting handicap of 14.8.


    3 - My current putter is a 33" Scotty Cameron M2 that has a lie angle of 72 degrees and loft of 2 degrees.



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