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  1. Currently use a pistol grip and I love it. Been left hand low for 5-6 years now and all has been with a pistol grip. I don’t notice any issues.
  2. Well I am knee deep in the weeds at this point I think. If it truly is the issue of writing a clear, concise & narrowed definition of a divot then perhaps the issue be shelved until we can indeed write a good one. I don't want to rehash old arguments as I do not want to be annoying.
  3. If there was a rule for relief from divots it would need to be written very narrowly, so there is a clear definition of what does and what doesn't constitute a divot. That is where I do agree with the article that it could sometimes be difficult to fully define what a divot is vs what it isn't which IMO is the best counter-argument to getting relief. Couldn't the rule could just be written and apply to divots as an extension of the appendix rule dealing with course damage? I'm not saying preferred lies should always be a thing but the only exception could be divots as that is technically damage to the course.
  4. I don’t disagree that it happens very infrequently, all the more reason for relief when it does happen. Maybe I’m not following your point though, I think it’s logical to be ok with a good break in the fairway even if the shot wasn’t picture perfect and hit an object to get there. I’m strictly talking shots that are in the fairway not ones that “should have” been elsewhere. If that was the case I’d be arguing that shots that run out of the fairway should be placed back in.
  5. Simple: it’s in the fairway so thank your lucky stars and get relief. The fairway is meant to be a place where you have an advantage when playing from it, regardless of how it got there. I used the example in my first post as it is the major argument for relief. I dont have a problem with getting good breaks in the fairway, no matter how the ball ended up there. I love this debate.
  6. Nope. I do not agree with this at all. There is no single argument that could convince me that golfers should not get relief. Even if this notion goes against the idea of golf as a challenge the fact of the matter is that the golfer executed the shot as intended and as required by the course and should therefore, get rewarded for it. That being, said, the article did make some good points, I am just firmly on the side of getting relief. Which is odd considering I am almost never in the fairway lololololololol
  7. Gotta say. I do play lots of rounds from the front tees with my HS golf team. It does tend to be very fun but it really shines a light on who has a distance advantage and who doesn't. That being said, I want to play the tees that best challenge me, not because I am trying to "see what the pros see" but because I want something that poses a leveled challenge for someone of my ability. Usually that equates to 6400-6500 yards. All that to say: more birdies (or opportunities) = more fun.
  8. I treat it the same as a bad plate appearance from when I was still playing ball, quick analysis then let it go. It is easy to get caught up in the frustration of not executing but I have forced myself into the habit of watching the ENTIRE shot until it hits the ground. Then analyze the steps I took when executing the shot. I will then rehearse the feel of a "good" shot and then let it go. I golf to have fun a recharge, not be mentally and emotionally exhausted by the time I leave.
  9. Goals for this year: 1. Play more. 2. Decrease my index to 2. 3. Play in at least 2 competitive tournaments. 4. Look into Oklahoma Am qualifications and/or US Mid-Am Quals if I can get my index lowered. 5. Stick to a weekly practice routine. Good luck on your goals everyone!
  10. Reachable Par 5 for sure. Better chance at an eagle which I covet quite a bit.
  11. Probably some good thoughts on them here. I'm in the market for some new wedges and these reviews helped me out alot.
  12. I know this thread is a bit old but, I reviewed the Bag Boy ZTF Stand bag earlier this year. Good bag. Customizable with removable pockets and such. Link is in my signature.
  13. FFG is great in combo with speed training. I did a trial run of SuperSpeed in conjunction with Mike's programming and doing the speed work prior to the lift really helped minimize fatigue. Would 100% follow this advice.
  14. Quick .02 here. I use an Apple watch with my Arccos and it provides the same info as the SS watch. I love it.
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