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  1. I have to be at a wedding during Sunday's matches....Already pressed record and will NOT be checking in on this contest that entire day! Thanks for doing this, these pool games have been super fun this year.
  2. That's exciting! Mine is firmly in the "completely defeated" category. The return to fantasy has been unkind.
  3. Love my Sub 70 5 wood and I can't wait to see how their driver offering fares for you all. Good luck testers and enjoy!
  4. Same deal with me...too many penalties. The string of doubles were all lost tee shots... First time playing in over a month so this isn't all bad, but its not great either
  5. Lol I’m sure you’ll get your chance. 2 total TDs on the week. On to week 2!
  6. We’ll week one wasn’t kind to me and I only have 85 points for my whole line up! Welcome back to Fantasy football
  7. Lovely. As always with your responses I appreciate the dedication!!
  8. Your shank effort is noted and appreciated! Have you had any trouble with the rapsodo missing errant shots?
  9. Love the info yall! Keep it coming! I'm still debating if I should spend the $500 or not.
  10. Loved the response thanks for taking the time!! My first driver was a Cobra so the company holds a special place in my heart!
  11. I'd be interested in trading an RB for one of your WR. Sent you an offer.
  12. Believe me, I will evaluate each trade regardless of who sends it. Don't worry BNG!
  13. You aren't kidding, my head was spinning last night trying to draft. Still is. Note to self, next year make sure to not be feeding a 1 month old during draft night
  14. OOOOOOOOOOhhh, I love this as a testing op. Got a Sub70 5 wood this summer and I have loved it! Happy with my TSi3 atm but I am super interested in hearing from the fellow spies on how this DTC driver stacks up!
  15. Perfect! Thank you! I get it now. Forgot how much fun fantasy can be.
  16. I'm so sorry but I want to make sure I have this waivers thing correct, each week all FAs are pooled and we bid. Find out Wednesday who got each one based on blind bids, correct? Rinse, repeat for the next week. I haven't done Fantasy since 1st year of college and this is all a bit new
  17. I can’t keep up with any of you! I haven’t had the time to look at anything yet so if you’ve sent out a pick trade request I’ll be getting to it tonight. So much is already going on!
  18. Did you watch that Nebraska team vs Illinois? Surely they don't have them beating UM?
  19. Keep at it! Progress can sometimes be slow but still measurable! Celebrate finding the middle of the face. Its a great thing to improve!
  20. Got to play with my 3 year old and my dad yesterday. Fun round, didn’t make ANYTHING on the greens!
  21. Gotta agree here. Count me in as a hopeful. I’m trying to decide if it is worth a long term savings plan to try and get to the $2k price range. Especially since the R10 doesn’t seem to be the answer in the lower end price point. I have an empty indoor in the winter that I can hit in everyday so I need something accurate indoors.
  22. Just can’t wait to see if my Sooners can hold up to the hype. Should be a fun year regardless though! Gotta love college football season.
  23. I don’t think you’ll be sorry. This programming is some of the best o have seen for golf.
  24. Great stuff @B.Boston! Love the detail and feedback!
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