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  1. First name -- John Home State/Province/Country -- California ​Do you use performance tracking? -- Yes Do you use a GPS watch? -- No, only a hand held model Which ones? -- N/A
  2. Hello, my name is Jon, i live in the San Jose, CA San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently a 9.3 can shoot anywhere from a 75 to a 95 on any given day. I typically play courses with a slope of 130 and up and enjoy forums as this.
  3. Does spinning the golfball to create a dynamic alignment line actually help from a physics standpoint when putting?

    1. golfski131


      I have used a dynamic golf ball spinner to create alignment lines on golf balls i use in more formal tournaments and i always seem to put better. However, i do not know if the spinning for an alignment line has an effect on putting or if it just something else like my focus or the condition of the greens or ???. I have asked several golf course Teaching Pro's and none could give me an answer so i thought I'd ask the community to see if anyone else might have any experience or answer...

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