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    The best ball?

    I find it hard to compare balls. I play over 100 rounds/ year and my handicap is 9. I can tell the difference between a Kirkland and a ProV1. Then it gets tricky. I like softer, urethane cover balls. I have a good short game, so I like balls that spin more around the green. I’ve used all the major brands and keep coming back to the ProV1. I had a love affair with the Snell MTB black for awhile, but for me it is slightly shorter than the ProV1. In the end I rationalize that I lose less balls than most and honestly we all know the ProV1 is the gold standard.
  2. I hear that Hank Haney’s online slice fix works and might be a good solution for you.
  3. Al Doran (69) San Luis Obispo, CA The dreaded slice, only on my drives.
  4. So Golf Spy likes to promote certain equipment. Some are good, others not so good. This is their newly promoted putter. It looks nice and has a fancy new system for alignment. I don't care how good the alignment is, it still comes down to the person with two arms and the stroke. The price for this putter is outrageous!
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