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  1. What’s the worst a LIV golf player can do and still get paid? Is there some sort of performance review?
  2. Professional golf may or may not be changed forever, but my game will always be what it is.
  3. “Relentless action.” – LIV golf announcer Not sure that’s how I’d describe what I’m watching. Personally, I like it when I just watch one group of players play a round of golf.
  4. According to LIV’s site, the event will be streaming on FB, YouTube and their own site. It also looks like they’ll have a similar production setup as any televised tournament. In this case, any sponsorship money would flow directly back to SA, so I’m not sure that it matters these days whether a network airs it. https://www.livgolf.com/news/liv-golf-announces-broadcast-innovation-unprecedented-access-for-global
  5. It’ll be on YouTube, so I might catch it to see how it’s covered. But if you’re really looking forward to watching something alternative to pga or DP golf, I’d suggest disc golf.
  6. Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Kevin Na … I’m a very casual fan when it comes to watching professional golf, but I think I’m to see a pattern here. Are there any players joining the LIV tour that can be considered fan favorites?
  7. Not bad. Thanks much for offer details on why you have what you have. Your irons are looking good. A while back I replaced my Mizuno MX-23s with a used set of JPX 900s, and there are days when I miss my old set. I think that's a lesson for me: old clubs that still work should stay in the bag.
  8. If you want to upgrade to something made in the 2000s, TaylorMade R7 was a decent fairway for its time.
  9. berkeleybob


    Thanks! He’s a great soul.
  10. berkeleybob


    Just a few pics of Wilbur from puppy to adult. At the moment he’s five years old.
  11. I’ve never had a Bushnell, but I did have the Nikon coolshot stabilized II until it was stolen. I have a Blue Tees now, and I really miss the stabilized feature.
  12. I’ve seen it used on the tee by a golfer years ago. I was surprised to see it still being sold … I guess we’re all born yesterday.
  13. This is the one gimmicky thing I have in the bag. A 4 Yards More tee. Four more yards? Really? I don’t know, maybe. Frankly, I like it because my ball is at the same height every time I tee it up. Still it’s nice to know that whenever I top my drive, it’ll reach 104 yards.
  14. All that’s left is a Scotty Cameron.
  15. Went out to the range yesterday and worked on something I haven’t worked on in a long time. I practiced my ritual of setting up for my ball on the mat as if it were on the tee box or fairway. The result was that I was more consistent sending the ball where I was aiming it, and where it show up the most was with my 3-wood, and 5-iron—two clubs I often struggle with on the course these days.
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